Photography and Review by Sophie Jones


Tonight us Gig Junkies be in Wolverhampton at The Slade Rooms to see Young Guns. Doors opened at seven and by 7:30 the room was getting pretty full. After waiting a hour from the doors opening time the first band took to the stage.

Essex lads Nothing But Thieves came onto the stage with a warm welcome from the audience. The lads started with ‘Itch’ followed by ‘Hostage’ which started to warm up the crowd nicely. They continued to flow through their set with ease with everyone listening intently and giving them around of applause after each song.



Conor took a moment to speak to the room to say if you tweeted @NBThieves you could win Nothing But Thieves signed set list from tonight’s show, before dropping into ‘Ban All The Music’ their last song of the evening.


After a bit of confusion as to who was take to the stage next because of various supports being posted here and there, it was time for the main act – Young Guns.



Everyone was eagerly waiting and after a 20min wait the boys came out on stage (it was worth the wait for what was about to unfold). They were greeted by a huge response from the fans, cheering and applause as they dropped into “I Want Out” followed by ‘Dearly Departed’. During ‘Dearly Departed’ frontman Gustav Wood jumped onto the barrier to get close and personal with the fans near missing myself as we both went for the same step on the barrier.


Third song in and the temperature in the room was cranked up to max, you could see everyone was getting rather sweaty as they wiped their brows, Gus asked would you mind if we played a new track ‘Rising Up’ which was greatly received with the room singing along accompanied by the boys energetic performance.


The boys ploughed through their set with continuously high energy playing a mixture of tracks from ‘All Our Kings Are Dead’ and ‘Bones’, you wouldn’t think that the Buckinghamshire boys haven’t had a headline tour for so long.


They ended the night with ‘You Are Not’ and popular tracks ‘Bones’ which resulted in a huge sing–a-long. It was a good night had by all, full of high energy and enthusiasm from start to finish.

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  1. Alison Snailham Says:

    Could mason dedicated the set to me because I was the lady who hadnt been to a concert in 10 years due to I’ll health. Also disappointed that the disabled were behind a screen and could see very little!

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