V Festival @ Weston Park Stafford, UK – Sunday 22 August 2010

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V Festival Stafford
If day one was all about catching an eclectic mix artists (and in hindsight having one too many beers) day two was about the golden oldies with the likes of the ‘Charlatans’, ‘Weller’ and the ‘Phonics’ all performing. The sun had his hat on, pass was securely round my neck and all was right with the World – it was gonna be a good un!
Where's Wally - Festival Goers
Opening the show on the main stage and getting the old brigade off to a flyer were Welsh rockers ‘Feeder’. “Good evening, good afternoon, erm, good morning Stafford” Grant Nicholas ironically greeted the crowd, perhaps as a dig at the organisers as his band are more used to appearing at the other end of the set list as opposed to opening proceedings. Mini tantrum out the way, the boys powered through their set with consummate professionalism which culminated in ‘Just a Day’ and had the crowd well and truly rocking.

Next up the ‘The Magic Numbers’, then a quick dash over to the main stage for the ‘The Coral’.
The Magic Numbers
The Magic Numbers bring their own brand of ‘happy pop/rock’ to the table and whilst it’s not really my bag the small, but enthusiastic crowd seemed to be having a blast. For me, the Coral were a little disappointing. I know they’re not the liveliest of bands so it was never going to be Prodigy-esq, but for me a festival is either about whipping the crowd up into a proverbial frenzy (ala Faithless/Kasabian) or trying something a little different with some of your songs in a way that both the Eels and Plan B did. The Coral did neither. True they did whip out their classics like ‘Dreaming of You’ and ‘Pass it On’ but for me these were too late into the set and it was an opportunity passed.
The Coral
It was then a jaunt over to the Nissan Tent (other types of car endorsed tents available) for the artist I was looking forward to the most – Mr ‘Shaun William Ryder’. You never know what you’ll get with the former Black Grape/Happy Mondays front man, but one thing you don’t expect is for him to start EARLY! Consequently I missed the first tune, but nay bother it took me little more than 3 nano-seconds to get into the groove with the rest of the ‘24 hour party people’. Supported by the vocally brilliant Julie Gordon they powered through classics from his previous incantations back catalogue with belters such as ‘Hallelujah’, ‘Reverend Black Grape’ (obviously minus the Reverend) and the infectious ‘Step On’ which quite literally twisted everybody’s melons. This was more like it boys. Coral – take note.
Ellie Goulding
Next up in the same venue (which marked a result as there was little walking) was Tinie Tempah and what by far and away was the biggest and noisiest crowd reaction of the weekend. The place was packed – jam packed – people were clamouring to get in – and the atmosphere was electric. The opening riff to ‘Pass Out’ kicked in, the crowd went berserk, Tempah literally boinged onto stage and that was it. It was going off – big style as the Londoner belted out a combination of Rap/Rock ‘n’ Roll (Rap ‘n’ Roll?). Whatever the genre, this boy certainly knows how to party. A definite contender for the main stage next year me thinks.
Tinie Tempah
From here, we sauntered over to the next tent which marked a huge contrast in fortunes for ‘The Parlatones’ who performed to less than 100 people. A real shame as the South African indie popsters put on a tight performance and it was interesting to see both guitarists play keyboard and guitars at the same time.
The Parlotones
Next up ‘Lissie’ and without a shadow of a doubt, for me she was the songstress of the weekend. Bar none! From the moment she uttered the first words of ‘Little Loving’ with her haunting tone, the crowd knew that they were in for something special. She reminds me of a young Sheryl Crow with her powerful rasping voice and country twang and I genuinely believe the singer-songwriter is set to emulate Miss Crow on a similar scale. ‘When I’m Alone’ her biggest hit to date, was perfectly performed and splendidly received, and due to the no- show of Matt and Kim she even had time to throw in a cover of Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello’. Splendid.
The Courteeners
From Lissie, it was back to the main stage for ‘Mr Paul Weller’ – the Modfather. I’ve not seen Weller for 15 years or so and on first reflection he’s not lost any of his verve or swagger belting out fans fave ‘Town Called Malice’. “Throwing bottles is downright c***ish” professed the former anarchist as numerous Evian bottles winged their way across the crowd. “If any f*cker throws a bottle, give em a f*cking slap, that’ll sort em out” he continued. A little ironic from the former Jam front man, who’s set list of yesteryear was made up of anti-establishment rants.
Paul Weller
He then made his way over to the piano (probably needing a sit down from all the energy he’d exerted mid rant) and played more mellow numbers like ‘You do something to me’ and ‘Pebbles on the Beach’. I may be looking back on Weller with rose tinted spectacles, but he didn’t quite do it for me. I love the man, he’s a legend, but on this performance he seemed to have lost a little of his sparkle.
Festival Goers - Clowning Around!
A quick jaunt over to ‘Paul Heaton’ – the most comical singer of the entire weekend dedicating his set to Sponge Bob and Patrick (his guinea pigs) and then back to the main stage for the ‘Stereophonics’. Kelly Jones, Phonics front man, is one cool dude. He looks the part, can sing (really well!) and oozes rock! As is customary at these events the boys from Wales bashed out hit after hit. Not that anyone was complaining – the crowd loved it as they powered through oldies like ‘A Thousand Trees’ and not so oldies like ‘She’s Alright’.
Being the roving reporter that I am, I had to cut short my rather lame attempt at rocking out as ‘Miss Florence and the Machine’ were up next on the Channel 4 Stage. Unfortunately my time here was also shortened somewhat as I what I can only describe as a warm wet substance launched through the sky landed on my swede and half drenched me. Grrrr! Consequently I had to make my way back to the motor for a quick change and sanitise while Florence warbled through her set to the delight of the massed ranks on the grass banks. Luckily, my car was parked in the ‘posh bit’ so I managed to see her rendition of Candi Statons ‘You’ve got the Love’, whilst I was busy cleansing myself with hand sanitizer. Nice. I think that rendition will live in the memory banks for all the wrong reasons…
Paloma Faith
Back inside the Arena and feeling a little more refreshed, it was time for the main event – ‘Kings of Leon’. Judging by the amount of people in and around the main stage (pretty much everybody) it seems that the all of the clamour and hype surrounding the Folowill Four piece is completely justified. True enough they’ve got the songs to back it up too as all of the crowd sang along to hit after hit. They did however, seem to lack that little spark to set them aside as a festival great.
On walking through the crowd on my way to see the Charlatans, the general consensus was just that – great songs, but little stage presence. It’s a shame they don’t put on a bit more of a show.

Last but not least was Tim Burgess and his ‘Charlatans’. Phew! My feet were knackered.
The Charlatans
I first saw the Charlatans in 1989 when they were young upstarts and hadn’t even released their first album. Now, 20 something years on, they seem to play with all of the passion and pride that they had all those years ago. The vocalist – with his natty hair cut and his dashing red jumper – appeared a little the worse for wear and took to using his microphone as a make shift lightsabre. That said, they still put on a great show which kept their band of loyal fans entertained whilst the masses watched the KOL on the main stage.

So there we go folks. V Festival – a cracking weekend, great bands and a really nice atmosphere. If you’re planning to ease your way into the way of the festival then you could do a lot worse than getting yourself to V to rock it up for the weekend. Just make sure you’ve got some wet wipes as you never know what might happen!

Words by Zak Edwards
Photography by Bianca Barrett

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