V Festival @ Weston Park Stafford, UK – Saturday 21 August 2010

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Festival Goers
It’s the end of August, the sun is a shining, the footy season has just kicked off and all is right with the World. It also happens to be V Festival weekend. Kerching, back of the net – RESULT. Allow the festivities to begin…
Peter Andre + Plan B
Skunk Anansie
It was raining. Heavily. Grrrr! Nay bother, out came the Australia Zoo poncho and I was ready to rock! For those of us lucky enough to be put on a guest list for a festival (and trust me – I REALLY appreciate it – LOTS!), you’ll know that there’s always a certain amount of ‘faff’ involved in getting your ticket. Day one at V was no exception. There were lots of panicky people dashing round, trying to sort themselves out, I had no accreditation with me (my bad), I couldn’t get hold of Birmingham Live head honcho (the phone reception was notoriously bad) and I was left sat under a canopy for a couple of hours wondering whether or not I was going to get further than the car park.
I Love Pixie Lotts and Lotts! :)
Unfortunately this meant that I missed two of the opening acts I’d really been looking forward to seeing – namely Shed Seven and Seasick Steve. According to my ‘oppos’ in the crowd ‘the Seven’ did what they did best, playing all of their back catalogue, whilst SSS – who I am reliably informed was several sheets to the wind before he even made his way on to the stage – produced his own inimitable brand of roadhouse blues strumming everything from his infamous Diddly Bow, through to a pair of hub caps and a broom handle. He even had time to serenade one lucky young filly on stage. Go Stevo!
Gene, Jimi, Slash and Ozzy! :)
Whilst loitering around amongst the ticket touts, sniffer dogs and young chancers climbing over the walls to the resounding cheers of everyone around them, I managed to catch Plan B from the car park. I have to say I was pretty impressed with the impeccably dressed young chap. Not only did belt out his recent goodies like ‘She Said’ but also entered into the festival spirit by doing a reggae version of ‘Stay to Long’ and a solo version of Seals ‘Kiss from a Rose’. Well done sir.
Eliza Doolittle
Having finally managed to sort out my ticket I got straight down to business and headed to the bar. Hell, it had been a stressful couple of hours! Just as the sun came out, it was then over to one of the tents to see one of the new kids on the block (not literally) Chipmunk.
How young is that little fella??? Nay bother, it’s not important.
Sporting a grin from ear to ear and doing his thing with a diamante encrusted microphone, the diminutive song-meister wasted no time in whipping the crowd up into a frenzy with his signature tune ‘Chip Diddy Chip’ much to the delight of the (mostly female) revellers. Bling seemed to be the theme of the day as ‘Diamond Rings’ quickly followed and then before I knew it, it was time to head off to the main stage to catch one of the perfect festival acts in the sunshine – Madness.
“Don’t watch that, watch this. This is the heavy heavy monster sound, the nuttiest sound around” professed sidekick of Suggs ‘Carl Smyth’ and thus it that the party had begun as tens of thousands of revellers bopped around the park to classic after classic such as ‘Baggy Trousers’ and ‘House of Fun’. For me, Madness really epitomise what festivals are all about. Great, fun songs delivered one after another. Smashing!
Festival Love
Next up – and for me the band of the day – Eels. Sporting a white jumpsuit (maybe in tribute to the King on the 33rd anniversary of his death?) and one almighty beard, E and the California boys really kicked the festival vibe with rocked up versions of their tunes. Drummer ‘Knuckles’ got his own ode, which was quickly followed by a blinding version of ‘Mr E’s Beautiful Blues’. Without getting too technical, this was a cover version of their own song, combining the lyrics to the song to the tune of the Beatles ‘Twist n Shout’ – harmonies and all. Trust me. If you’ve not heard this, you need to. Youtube it! It’s tremendous.
Jamie T
Jamie T up next on the Channel 4 stage and the Londoner looked like he’d taken the Festival vibe a little too far and hadn’t showered for a number of days. I’m a big fan of Jamie and although his cleanliness wasn’t what it should have been, it didn’t affect his vocal performance as he rapped, sang and hollered through his catchy back catalogue with this assistance of his loyal Pace Makers. For me, anybody who can fit the words “Shawaddywaddy” into their lyrics is a musical genius. We salute you sir.
The Kooks
From then on it was all about the main stage, with the ‘Kooks’, ‘Faithless’ and headliners ‘Kasabian’ making up the final triumvirate trio.
Sporting some decidedly dodgy clobber – namely a Kaftan and a Salmon pink suit (thankfully on different band members) – the Kooks took to the stage and wasted no time getting into the swing of things. Playing modern day greats – from ‘Naive’ through to ‘She Don’t Love Me’ they whipped the crowd into a frenzy for the final two acts.
Festival Goers
The Doves
Originating from completely different genres, one word can be used to describe the tunes of both ‘Faithless’ and ‘Kasabian’… Anthemic.
I’m not a fan of Faithless, but seeing them live you can’t help being drawn in to the near hypnotic trancelike vibe they produce. The raw energy and power of the band encapsulate you and I defy anybody not to jig around arms aloft for at least some of the set. When the keyboards kick in towards the end of ‘Insomnia’…. man! It’s the closest thing you’ll get to a natural euphoric rush! Who needs drugs?
“Fuck Kings of Leon, this is our stage” professed Tom Meighan of Kasabian fame and as they blasted into ‘Shoot the Runner’ who could argue?
Being a huge Kasabian fan, the boys from Leicester were the perfect headliners for me, but even if you’re not in the Kasabian camp, you can’t dispute what they do. With their bass laden indie electro riffs they produce hit after hit to whip the crowd up into a frenzy and bring a frenetic end to proceedings. It really is a musical roller coaster ride – as they jump from roaring up tempo stomps such as ‘Underdog’ through to delicate sonnets like ‘Thick as Thieves’ culminating in ‘LSF’ – the perfect show closer.
A great end to a great day. Here’s hoping Sunday will be more of the same.
Festival Goers
Words by Zak Edwards
Photography by Bianca Barrett

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