Festival Goers
Leaning on the barrier at the front row of a Mcfly concert is not somewhere I ever pictured I would be, but there I was and as the trio ventured out to the tones of YMCA it was clear that I was going to enjoy it. For me Mcfly epitomise everything great about festivals. They are there to enjoy it and more to the point you’re gonna enjoy it. “Who got laid last night?” asked their bass player…
Great harmonies, great energy – the perfect way to kick off day two.
Mr Hudson
With little time to draw breathe we rambled our way amongst Saturdays debris over to the channel 4 stage and Kanye’s new ‘BFF’ Mr Hudson. Combing Pop with Reggae (Reggop?) the charming front man, donning completely black attire who by his own admission was out of bed “far too early”, together with his all in white ensemble –produced one of those performances which makes you stand back and think “thank the Lord I’m here” as I boogied on down amongst the “windscreen wipers”, truly inspiring – definitely one for the future.
Pixie Lott and Star Sailor followed with fairly non descript performances and then it was on to Taylor Swift (the biggest selling artist in the States from 2008 I’ll have you know) on the main stage whilst the majority of the crowd made their way over to the Channel 4 tent to see the Noisettes. With her big bouncy hair and sparkly swishy dress, Miss Swift put on a performance that belies her tender years.
Pixie Lott
It’s been a long awaited comeback for Aussie rockers Jet and boy have they been missed. Where did they disappear to for soooooo long? Anyhow, the past is the past, and man am I glad that they are here in the present. They rocked the Channel 4 stage with aplomb producing the same raucous rock sound they have become renowned for. The crowds obvious fave was “Are you gonna be my girl”. Watch out for their new album, it promises to be a goodie!
Taylor Swift
Straight after Jet and thankfully at the Channel 4 stage (which meant no walking – result!) was the enigmatic Dizzee Rascal, who most definitely conjured up the best crowd reaction of the day. Years ago, acts like Dizzee simply wouldn’t be deemed ‘appropriate enough’ for the rock festival, and the crowds positive reaction is thus testament to this change in musical policy. They quite literally went bonkers!
I then sauntered over – along with what seemed like the rest of the crowd – to the V stage to watch two of the big guns – Lily Allen and the Specials. Lily – looking sultry as ever in a see through bra top, owned the stage with a slick performance of her lyrical wizardry and beautiful vocal. Her set culminated with her very own rendition of Brittney’s Womaniser. “You’re a lot noisier than Chelmsford” cited Miss Allen. Quite right too, Lily.
Dizzee Rascal
In their 30th year comeback tour, the Specials – what seemed like all 25 of them- saxophonist, trumpeter and all made their way to the stage, as you’d expect, smartly dressed, brimming with slight angst and ready to roll. Being of tender years (ahem!) and not a particular fan, I was impressed, nay amazed, at how many classic tunes the Specials actually posses in their locker. Track after track from ‘Too much too much’ to ‘Ghost town’ literally bounced from the stage much to the delight of the large expectant crowd – delightful.
Lily Allen
Stand up Mr Shaun William Ryder and his ‘oh so’ Happy Mondays – who for me put out the stand out performance of the entire festival.
The Wombats
In the same week that Bez and the drummer quit the band, you’d be forgiven for thinking that giving a sterling show was far from their minds – but boy what a gig! Kicking off with the anthemic ‘Kinky Afro’, the set, dedicated to the absent Bez, just got better and better. Ryder, fag in mouth, did what does best – sauntered around the stage looking moody, whilst the extremely vocally talented Julie E Gordon quite literally exploded on stage. It was a truly memorable set, especially for their crowd surfing guitarist. Yesteryears Mondays really showed these young pretenders a thing or two…
The Spacials
Neon a plenty was the order of the day for the appearance of Calvin Harris and even though he’d forgotten his specially selected “stage suit” he still managed to boogie on down with his faithful in his self confessed ‘scruffies’ with his own particular brand of electro pop.
Happy Mondays
Last but by no means least was Norman Cook, AKA Fat Boy Slim and it was at that point of the festivities that I managed to pass my own personal milestone. Yes, ladies and gentlemen my first ever pint of urine came sailing over to cover my head and back. Lovely!
The Sunshine Underground
I didn’t fully get the Fat Boy thing. I’m a fan, and he’s truly talented, but there’s something a little unnerving about watching someone waggle their arm round in a circle (is it a lasso?) without actually playing anything. If I’m doing you a disservice Norm, I apologise
Cavin Harris
As we headed down towards the Killers who were performing in front of a massive crowd on the main stage, it gave me time to reflect on what a truly marvellous festival it had been. Music was awesome, weather fantastic and the crowd were really great. It was a lovely weekend and I for one can’t wait till next year!
Fatboy Slim
Best of V….

  • Best T Shirt Slogan– “The Jackson 4” and “I facebooked your mom”
  • Best Fancy Dress – “Where’s Wally”
  • Best Rumour – Oasis have split up
  • Best Tweet – “It’s the Ashes and this place hasn’t got f$%*in Sky”. Lily Allen
  • Best news – Ashes Victory. Go England!
  • Best band missed coz watching other bands – a three way draw between the Noisettes, Twang and the Enemy.
  • Best fan quote – either “You know I have a fajita every Sunday” (bloke to his missus outside the burger van) or “I can see your willies and they are all tiny” (girl walking past lots of boys weeing up a fence)
  • Best festival goers question to GJ staff “Is the Channel 4 tent” (asked during the very last performance on the Channel 4 tent by Mr Fat Boy Slim)
  • Best “eeeeewwww” moment – Girl leaning up against a fence having a wee (which was nearly as common as the boys doing it, I hasten to add) and then the fence collapsing meaning that she fell over in to 2 days worth of wee! Eeeeeeewwwww!

Words by Zak Edwards
Photography by Bianca Barrett

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