Review by Hayley Clark with Photography by Neale Hayes

With 30 awards from 96 nominations including a Grammy it was clear to see why the city of Birmingham had been grasped by a yellow fever. Walking through the Bull Ring scores of teenage fans snaked the shopping centre concourse waiting for their idols to appear at the HMV store for an in-store signing earlier in the day. The buzz carried through to the newly renamed Resorts World Arena as fans waited patiently for their idols as they brought the Bandito tour into town.

Twenty One Pilots (1)

In the words of a fantastic music photographer not too far away from here “regrettably we didn’t have the pleasure of seeing The Regrettes”. However from the box office you could feel the euphoria building up within the venue, queues of fans rushing to get in for the early start.

Twenty One Pilots exploded onto the stage just after 8pm, ‘exploded’ being the word as a lone flame was carried on to the stage and a car goes up in flames. Neon yellow and red grids flashed as the tension in the arena built up. Cannons of confetti shot into the excited pit as Tyler and Joshua appeared on stage treating their fans to ‘Jumpsuit’ and ‘Levitate’ rising on the platforms built into the stage as a purple haze fills the arena.

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Twenty One Pilots (6)

The heavy rock drums pounded like a heart beat combined with the rhymes and lyrics coming from Tyler in his balaclava left the audience spellbound, the crowd erupted into hysteria as the main man appeared in block 14 in the middle of the crowd having disappeared from the main stage. Removing the balaclava at the end of ‘Fairly Local’ the crowd went wild seeing their idol amongst them.

The duo gave it their all with a two hour long set, performing fan favourites ‘Stressed Out’, ‘Car Radio’ and the upbeat ‘Bandito’ they moved between both the main stage and B stage using an elevated bridge link singing above the baying crowd waving their arms trying to grasp a touch of their heroes.

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Interacting with the audience front man Tyler proudly beamed “Hello Brummies… It’s our first show of the tour in the UK tonight and we can’t think of a better place to stop by”.

The American duo brought down the house from start to finish as their frenzied fans sang along to every word waving hands and yellow torch lights in the arena like a swarm of glow worms.

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Twenty One Pilots (12)

Josh played drums held up by the crowd and Tyler elevated on a 50 foot high platform spat out beats illuminated by a lone spotlight, you couldn’t accuse the pair of not being entertaining. With smoke, strobe and confetti cannons adding to the mix of fire and the bright visuals engulfing the stage they had done their upmost to keep the crowd smiling.

The cries for more tracks to be performed were reciprocated with an encore of ‘Chlorine’, ‘Leave the City’ and end of the night favourite ‘Trees’. Josh and Tyler both held up by the crowd as they beat a snare and confetti dazzled around them was a sight to behold. They thanked the audience for supporting them whether it be old faces of ten years ago to newer fans cheers and claps filled with appreciation as the Bandito tour was well and truly underway with the phenomenal first night completed.

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