Review + Photography by Kat Storey

What a night! Heavy guitars, black eyeshadow, glitter and energy, a match made in… disco heaven? Tragedy, for the uninitiated are the ‘All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees and Beyond!’ and if you’re looking for a night full of high-octane, adults only, fun, look no further than this group of animals straight out of New York City.


But before the fun starts, we have two support bands, expertly curated to give everyone a little taste of what’s to come. First up we have Dead Mob – a relatively new local 4-piece punk/metal hybrid. Their heavy tones slaking the audience’s thirst for gunshot drums and heavy guitars. The band is especially notable for their discipline on stage, something not usually seen in a new group and highly recommended.

Dead Mob 1

Second band to warm up the crowd was 4Q – satisfying the crowd’s need for comedy rock of the highest calibre. They got the audience laughing while pulling off some fantastic covers of the best rock tunes of the 80s. One I’d not seen before but would look out for them in future.


So at last we get to Tragedy. This is my second dance with the kings of disco metal having seen them at Glastonbudget music festival in May. We didn’t know what to expect at the festival but were not let down as their stage antics left us in stitches – everyone agreed they were a festival highlight. So when I saw their show pop up, I rallied my friends and off we went!

Tragedy, as you may have guessed, perform disco favourites with an all-metal twist. Each band member has their own style from T-rex inspired glam to the heaviest goth eyeshadow you’ve ever seen. Each and every one of them dripping in glitter from head to toe.



But there’s more to Tragedy than a gimmick and some great costumes. They are hugely talented musicians who sound studio-perfect live.

In between hits such as ‘It’s raining men’ and ‘Dancing Queen’, they’re constantly entertaining with anecdotes, jokes, and props. Sometimes they even let ‘The Lord Gibbeth’ (otherwise known as their drummer/vocalist and dad – did I mention they’re a family?) out from behind the kit to stun the crowd with drumsticks and blood packs – I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination. The show is definitely adults only with some questionable antics involving flying v guitars to get everyone howling with laughter.



I particularly enjoyed a long and rambling story about getting a cuff from a Toby Carvery (don’t ask) which covered a rather lengthy technical problem, a testament to their sense of humour and ability to ad-lib when needed.

If you like metal, disco, or having fun, Tragedy put on a show that can’t be missed. If you don’t like them, you don’t like fun – and that would be boring.


Set list:

Islands in the stream
Country Roads
Sweet Caroline
Raining Men
The One that I Want
Woman in Love
How Deep is your Love
Stayin’ Alive
Never Gonna Give You Up


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