Review + Photography by Sophie Jones

It’s 9:30 and everyone is eagerly waiting for Tonight Alive to take to the stage. The flash of a torch from the stage signals the start of the show. The lights go down as drummer Matt Best takes to the stage followed by Jenna McDougall to an eruption of screams from the crowd. The stage is dark with a single spotlight on Jenna creating a atmospheric silhouette as the two of them start to perform ‘The Other’, it wasn’t long before a flash of bright light broke through the darkness and changed the pace in the song, with a frenzy of colourful lighting Jake Hardy and Cam Adler joined them onstage.


The band ploughed through their set with a mixture of recent hits and a multitude of back cataloged tracks. One of those songs was ‘Crack My Heart’ taken from their recent album ‘Underworld’ which Jenna briefly mentioned being about ‘Divine Feminine Liberation’ before dropping into the track for the room to erupt.

It seems with every song the band played the room just got louder singing every word back, the room felt positive, uplifting and you could see everyone was enjoying themselves and related to the music and the empowering and uplifting words from Jenna.



Towards the end of the set TA threw it right back to 2012’s ‘What Are You So Scared Of?’ to perform ‘Amelia’. Jenna said “I wrote this song when I was 17, so this is deep rooted” before performing it.

The band ended the night with ‘Temple’, once finished half of the room made their way out while the other half stood there watching, shouting and hoping that Tonight Alive would grace the stage again, chanting “ONE MORE SONG, ONE MORE SONG!” Even as the crew started to dismantle the stage set up they still continued in hope. The night felt like a blur, blink and you’ll miss it, it felt fast paced but full of energy, positive energy and love, everyone just wanted that to continue.




The Other

What Are You So Scared Of?

Don’t Wish
In My Dreams
For You
Crack My Heart
Say Please
No Different
World Away
Wasting Away
Lonley Girl
The Edge

This was only the fully plugged show; we will be sharing another night with Tonight Alive to celebrate their 10th Anniversary with an Acoustic Show at the O2 Institute on 15th November 2018.



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