Tim Burgess

2012 has been a busy year for Tim Burgess. Following a stomping anniversary tour of The Charlatans hit 1997 album Tellin’ Stories he could have been forgiven for taking some time out. But no, Burgess hasn’t sat still. He’s released his critically well-received second solo album ‘Oh No I Love You’ and embarked on a tour of the UK to promote it.

Tim Burgess
Tim Burgess

Unsurprisingly the top floor of Manchester’s Deaf Institute was completely packed out with a bunch eager to see The Charlatans front man bring said tour to such a small venue. At first the Deaf Institute seemed like a strange place for Burgess to play. He could have filled the place at least five times over with die-hard Charlatans fans ready to follow their idol on his next musical endeavour (a point proven by the fact he had already played to a sold-out matinee audience) but after hearing a couple of songs it was easy to see why a smaller space was chosen. Burgess’s solo album is stacked with delicate and melancholically joyful compositions that would be lost in a bigger space.

Tim Burgess

Unfortunately for the Manchester crowd Burgess found himself without his most important tool; his voice. Alternating between chewing on Lockets and Fisherman’s Friends (kindly handed to him by an audience member) Burgess struggled in vain to perform his new tracks. His voice barely made it through roughly half of the set list before he had to admit defeat and leave the stage with a downcast and apologetic shrug. One couldn’t help but feel it really was a great shame; what he did perform gave the impression that it would be something special at its full potential. Even illness could not take away from the beauty of whimsical number ‘The Doors of Then’ which made it hard to feel massively disappointed with the turn of events. It was a valiant effort from the enigmatic performer and nobody in the room could argue he had given it his best.

Tim Burgess

Despite his vocal-issues Burgess retained his natural stage presence with ease. His demeanour was happy and relaxed; he seemed very comfortable and confident with his new music. While with The Charlatans Burgess is used to roaring crowds bouncing in euphoria towards the ceiling he seemed perfectly content with people gently swaying along to his new mellow guitar based sounds. Watching him and his band perform felt like stumbling across the set of an Americana indie film.

Tim Burgess

Of all the Britpop alumni, Burgess is proving himself among the chameleons of the pack. Being in a room with him, you get the feeling that anything could happen. When he next rocks up in town in full voice, I’m pretty sure people are going to want to be there.

Tim Burgess

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Gig Review by Nic Jones
Gig Photos by Ben Bentley

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  1. Review for Gig Junkies – Tim Burgess | NavigatorNic Says:

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  2. Jill Says:

    Beautiful photos. Enjoyed the ‘matinee’ myself. Lunch, cup of tea, seating and a cosy, gentle set. Rock ‘n’ roll in middle age. Bliss.

  3. Nic Jones Says:

    I’m quite gutted I missed the matinee Jill – I think that would be the perfect setting for this kind of gig.

  4. sam Says:

    do you have the track list for the sessions please

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