Review by Abbie Watkiss with Photography by Sophie Jones

After a last minute confirmation, it was a mad dash into Birmingham city centre. Once inside the arena and seated just three rows from the stage my excitement levels along with the crowd were at a high.

The Vamps_1

Up first were Power of Muzik, Denis Coleman took to the stage first and sang ‘Perfect For You’ which got the crowd dancing as the track was full of energy. Then entered Luena who sang ‘Humble’ and ‘Worth It’ amazingly, which also got the crowd dancing and clapping with her. Shortly after Luena and Asher Knight took to the stage together accompanied by four very talented dancers backing up the dance routine.

Power of Muzik_3

Asher sang ‘Step Back’ as the dancers performed an engaging dance routine, which had the crowd all around the area dancing along too. Finally before they left the stage they took a picture with the crowd; the three acts were creating a project to help students with being able to de-stress and to gain confidence.

Power of Muzik

Power of Muzik_2

Next it was time for HRVY, he came out and blew the crowd away with his very popular single ‘Hasta Luego’ the crowd were immediately filled with excitement and joy, signing and dancing along with him. HRVY then spoke to the crowd, thanking everyone for their support before surprising the crowd with his new latest single ‘Told You So’, with blue strobe lighting that lit up the arena and his talented dancers.

HRVY then went ahead and sang a cover ‘Someone You Loved’ by Lewis Capaldi before saying this song meant a lot to him and performed ‘I Miss Myself’ this had the crowd singing along very loudly which then took HRVY on to his last song, ‘Personal’ where his set ended.



New Hope Club walked out on stage to a wall of screaming girls who couldn’t contain their excitement. The boys also did a cover but didn’t speak with HRVY to see what cover track he was doing, so we were treated to ‘Someone You Loved’ by Lewis Capaldi again, but the room was full of enthusiasm and fans had their flashlights in the air which lit up the arena. 

George then split the crowd in three sections to shout NEW, HOPE, CLUB! Which worked really well and the crowd seemed to be over joyed in taking part. We were then told that they’d be releasing their new single called ‘Love Again’ soon before performing the track.

New Hope Club_1

New Hope Club_2

Before we knew it The Vamps arrived on the stage behind a curtain casting silhouette shapes before dropping to the floor revealing Brad who surprised the crowd with ‘Just My Type’. The opening track for the evening had the crowd singing loudly and dancing non-stop from the get go. Blue strobes lit up the arena while Brad sang ‘Personal’, which was clearly a favourite of the fans. 

Brad then asked the crowd to join in and sing-along while Tristan took centre stage playing a drum solo, which showed what a talented young person he is while the crowd staring on in amazement.

The Vamps

The Vamps_8

The Vamps managed to calm the crowd down to join them in singing an acoustic version of ‘Somebody To You’ which had the crowd lighting up the arena with their flashlights again. When the crowd were calm and quiet The Vamps brightened up the crowd by singing ‘Waves’ from their new EP ‘Missing You’. The Vamps switched things up which was a little strange to watch as Brad took the drums, Tristan took to the bass guitar while James and Connor played guitar; Connor also took main vocal duties.

The Vamps then left the stage, the fans chanted loudly for The Vamps to come back, and before we knew it they were back and finished off the night with an encore of ‘Cheater’, ‘Risk It All’, ‘Missing You’ and ‘All Night’.

The Vamps_7

The Vamp3


Just My Type

Wild Heart

For You

All The Lies

We Don’t Care
*Drum Solo*
Somebody To You (Acoustic)


Middle Of The Night

What Your Farther Says
Right Now
Hair Too Long

Can We Dance

Wake Up



Risk It All

Missing You

All Night

The Vamps_2

The Vamps_5

See the full photoset from tonight’s gig here.

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