The Struts at The Leadmill, Sheffield, UK – 13th October 2019

Posted by Bianca on Sunday Oct 13, 2019 Under Glam, Hard Rock

Review + Photography by Mark Loraine

“What a Difference Day Makes” or so the song goes, well for me it’s about 3 years since I last saw The Struts and it really, really shows – not just on my hairline, but on their performance.


Let me recount – this band have been around for around 5 years in this current form and this must be the fourth time they have played Sheffield. Since last gracing the spiritual home of all things Yorkshire they have, for want of a better term, stormed it Stateside.

Having opened for luminaries as regal in rock folklore as the Foo Fighters and The Rolling Stones, among many others, they are now back in the UK on a sell out national tour. Now you may ask who are The Struts, well that’s pretty much a moot point. Although pretty big in the US, Japan and Australia, they are still little known outside the rock fraternity – think a bit like Bush but with significantly more talent. After tonight’s performance I do however feel this is about to change, and big time.



As a band they really, really look the part. Luke Spiller is a wiry rock good with good looks, suave stage presence and a really huge amount of glitter. Adam Slack is the axe master – swaggering with his Les Paul around his knees nearly – he really is very good on the Les Paul – and backed by Geth on Drums and Jed Elliott (he of famous Little Mix GF) they are a unit that belt out some of the most glorious Glam rock you will ever hear, even if you didn’t know you needed to hear Glam rock.

With his appearance oft compared lazily to the mighty Mr Mercury, Luke Spillers voice is more reminiscent of Noddy Holder on top screaming form, but he also proves tonight that soft ballads at the piano are also within his canon… nothing surprises with The Struts, and nothing prepares you for the sheer brilliance of their performance. The cliché that they had the audience eating out of the palm of their hand is, on this occasion, fully true and even as Luke persuades, nay orders, the gathered audience to sit down on The Leadmill floor you know that they would do pretty much for this west country rock god, well nearly anything.



It’s fair to say that tonight’s performance was truly amazing and since the gig I have seen many lauding the band for their performance and urging others to get tickets to see them. Unfortunately I would suggest rock fans of Great Britain that if you don’t see them on this tour, then your next opportunity will be in an arena near you very soon and not as support to a mega star US band, but rather as a force in their own right.

Cracking work lads! Keep it up.



See the full photoset from tonight’s gig here.

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