Review by Hayley Clark with Photography by Katja Ogrin

I love it when you go to a festival and the smaller stages present some absolute crazy out of the world acts that blow you away so you have to see them again, tonight at Birmingham Arena it was time to do that twice fold.


Having first seen The Prodigy supporting Oasis back in the day at those legendary Knebworth gigs, you could tell then they were in it for the long haul, both entertaining and infectious beats left a long standing impression and the excitement tonight was immense as they came to my hometown.

The Prodigy’s support for Birmingham was upcoming American punk hip hop starlets H09909, my highlight of this summer’s Hellfest in France. They immediately had the mosh pit bouncing around to their diverse tracks. TheOGM appearing on stage in what looked like an elephant or gas mask from block 2, the audience looked on with mouths open wide as Eaddy bounced around with kilt and police jacket glowing under the UV lights. There is no need for greetings or words as they stomp straight into the music, setting the beat and entertaining the youthful audience.

Tracks like ‘Street Power’, ‘Punk Police’ and ‘Dope Dealerz’ energised the crowd as they got worked into a frenzy before the oldtimers came on.



The large ant emblazoned curtain dropped from the stage revealing giant London buses with windows glowing, mirroring the cover of latest offering ‘No Tourists’. Liam Howlett and guitairist Rob Holliday appeared greeting the screaming crowd as Keith appeared with trademark hair and white vest top. With the crowd whipped into a frenzy Maxim appeared donning in a fur jacket and hood before whipping it off sending temperatures higher as the dance legends burst into anthem ‘Breathe’.

With strobe lighting vigoruosly flashing the audience went wild as they were treated to an array of hits, the dirty reggae base filled the room with ‘Out Of Space’, ‘No Good’ and ‘Voodoo People’ leaving Maxim in control of the willing Birmingham crowd.

‘Champions Of London’ and ‘Omen’ took the crowd on a journey as the two frontmen took the crowd to their limit, camera phones lit up the arena as the infectious beats filled the air. Reminiscing on youthful days the crowd danced and went wild crying for more as they sang along to ‘The Day Is My Enemy’ and ‘Firestarter’. Leaving the audience gasping for more as ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ brought the euphoric night to an end, no one could predict what was about to go down for Birmingham’s encore.


The crowd went wild with new offerings ‘Timebomb Zone’ and ‘Take Me To The Hospital’ from ‘No Tourists’. The infectious beat and dirty bass lines hit higher levels but the introductory lyrics of one of their 1992 classics tipped the crowd to breaking point. The PA system boomed “I am the god of hell and fire” as the audience went crazy, Manchester last year went off the scale as they performed ‘Their Law’ but after 26 years seeing ‘Fire’ live was something else bringing the electric evening to a standstill.

With no need for fancy stage drops or light shows The Prodigy brought the evening to a end showing the new jilted generation how it’s done. Each year they get better and better and like a fine wine grow older with grace, Keith and Maxim are still as energetic as ever and their stage chemistry is second to none.



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