The Horrors

Ok so I’ve got a multitude of albums by other bands, but how come I’ve only just fallen in love with The Horrors musically… only now with their third album release Skying? Yes, I witnessed their awesome 2009 Mercury Music nomination performance, and yes, drooled at their gothic uber cool along with Vince Noir. But how come it’s only now I’ve got round to delving deeper? Well I guess viewing them purely as an interesting and enigmatic concept was enough for me… a sort of ten legged encapsulation of underground cool. No need for further investigation.

The Horrors

Or so I thought, to me The Horrors are a quintet who believed before they became. Their talent (at least in appearance) has come about it would seem organically through their evolution.

The Horrors The Horrors

Their set here at Academy 2 tonight is mind expanding. The set coming too and fro from Skying and earlier releases. Their sound no longer just purely concerned with the thrashings and bashings of youthful post punk aspirants. Highlights for me include ‘Still Life’ and ‘I can see through you’ an awesome parallel universe of sound and melody too expansive it feels for The Academy’s modest interior.

The Horrors

For most of the set the sepulchral figures on stage are barely discernible through deep violet which adds to their aura. At times I feel I have been taken into a parallel universe of sound, witnessing the rest of the world at a distance, I try to pin point their references but these are increasingly obscure, at one point I thought I heard the psychedelic trumpet from another era – as if The Lonely Hearts Club Band were somewhere far off in the distance coming through occasionally on the ether. My Bloody Valentine, Bowie, dare I even say it Hawkwind is out there somewhere too. But as I say just ‘Out There Somewhere’ and only serve as momentary, elusive and distant backdrops to a sound it is increasing difficult to define (by what came previously).

The Horrors

This was a gig on the precipice of something truly brilliant, and Skying itself a sound untainted by the hands of a commercial studio (Produced entirely by The Horrors), this is the sound of unencumbered interior worlds on the verge of shining brilliance.

Changing The Rain
Who Can Say
I Can See Through You
Scarlet Fields
Dive In
Three Decades
Endless Blue
Sea Within A Sea
Still Life

Mirror’s Image
Monica Gems
Moving Further Away

Words by Sara.
Photos by Wayne Fox, email Wayne.

3 Responses to “The Horrors, the O2 Academy 2, Birmingham, UK – Friday 14 October 2011”

  1. Bianca Says:

    Superb work my friends! I love that 2nd photo down Wayne and Sara, this is a wonderful review, I love your take on The Horrors live performance.


  2. Wayne Says:

    Thanks Bianca, the place was as dark as a tomb, I am amazed I got these to be honest.

    Fortunately Sara’s great review saves the day :o) Oh and thanks to my brother David for his impeccable records. Amazing team!


  3. Sara Says:

    Haaaw shucks you guys =D

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