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“That song was for all the religious fucks… This songs is for all racist fucks… This is Knifeman”

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Welcome to an evening with Los angles finest, The Bronx.

Now in their 15th year The Bronx deal in no nonsense dirty punk rock and roll, they play hard fast and tonight’s sold out Mama Roux’s crowd are here to bump heads and party hard. Having seen them several times tonight feels extra special as we were being treated to new album ‘V’ in its entirety. If I’m honest the new album is still growing on me so I was interested to see how it sounded live… I’m happy to report its sounds like a happy drunk dancing in the corner of a wedding with a little bit of gravy and sick on its shirt… Trust me thats a good thing.

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Crowd surfers pile on top of each other and I’m super happy to report it was one of the nicest crowds I have seen in a long while – good job Birmimgham. Everybody that went down in the pit was picked back up hugged and the room was a beaming sea of smiles from start to finish.

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As good as the new album is the second half of the set is utterly sublime – an 8 song run of perfect punk. ‘Heart Attack American’ into ‘The Unholy Land’ followed by ‘Shitty Future’ – the Mama Roux’s crowd are literally tearing each other apart and loving every second. By the time they finish with ‘History Stranglers’ there are stage divers flying off the speaker stacks and people three layers deep.

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The Bronx are rumoured to be back in May and if you get the chance get drunk, party hard and spend a night with one the greatest punk bands in the world.

See the complete Bronx photoset from tonight’s gig here.

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