The Charlatans t was a pleasure to come back to this perfect venue in Birmingham for a night of The Charlatans. I was frighteningly delighted in the run up to the gig to learn that Shaun Ryder was support for the night! This was the closing night to their tour which started in Newcastle on the 7th Oct. They also kick straight into a European tour on 25th Oct that begins in Amsterdam and finishes with Hong Kong and Japan dates. They are busy boys and I have to say that I think it showed on the night. The Charlatans for me represent my youth, when indie ruled the world and baggy northern styled songs battled southern Fred perry fashionistas to rule the dance floor. In the days before I had to listen to people discuss the X-factor as though discussing modern art or politics. So the thought of a night with the Tim and Shaun gave me a little warm glow.

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