Review and Photos by Mark Loraine

Politically correct? Not tonight. Steel Panther are so far removed from being politically correct they make Keith Lemon look like a primary school teacher (sorry to all you raunchy primary school teachers out there).


Tonight at the Academy in Manchester (not the O2 Academy you understand, the Academy – different place as I found out when my Uber driver explained the former was shut on that night). The crowd are bedecked in fancy dress, well some of it is, some of it is actually meant… yes, there are still some hardcore 90’s sleaze rockers out there and tonight they are out in force.

But exactly who are they here to see. Well let me explain… Steel Panther started on the famous Sunset Strip in LA as a house covers band, then they realised that it was better to do there own music and perform as sleaze rock was meant to be performed – in spandex and glitter with mirrored shades and fans on the front of the stage to blow your long permed hair as if in a wind tunnel.



These guys took tongue in cheek to a new level and then some and have since that day wowed audiences around the world, not with their looks and performance (which is tremendous by the way) but more by the way of their songs and lyrics.

And that brings me to my review… I am not going to talk about the individual songs as we are a family based publication and quite frankly Steel Panther make us blush, safe to say that the music is awesome, the covers they did were spot on and the overall image of the band was nothing short of spectacular. Oh, and Ozzy (yes that Ozzy – honest!) turned up to sing Crazy Train (it’s quite a show when Ozzy is the safe part of the show).



A good night? Of course, what night isn’t great when the audience invade the stage (fair play they were all female – no idea what that’s all about?) the only one they wouldn’t let on was a person of unknown gender who tried to invade the stage dressed as a very large, very furry pussy cat. About summed the night up!

Oh and Gus G was really very good – go and see him!



Set List:
Eyes of a Panther
Goin’ in the Backdoor
You Really Got Me
Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)
Asian Hooker
Poontang Boomerang
Kickstart My Heart
Crazy Train
Guitar Solo
Party All Day (**** All Night)
Pour Some Sugar on Me
Livin’ on a Prayer
Community Property
Death to All but Metal



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