Review + Photos by Frank Ralph

Slash, Myles and the Conspirators turned the Doncaster Dome into the Thunderdome for the night with a two and a quarter hour set of exquisite RnFnR.


The Dome itself felt like a bit of an odd venue, as you walked in you were hit by a strong smell of chlorine from the swimming pool and there were loads of post swim kids tearing around screaming the place down. Add to that a horde of confused looking rock fans wondering if they were in the right place, and it felt a bit odd to say the least. The venue also felt a little bit odd with the lights up – being a sports hall – but as the crowd packed the room and the lights went down it didn’t matter where we were, we were all in for a treat.

Opening the evening was Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons and it has to be said it’s always fantastic hearing Motörhead classics Born to Raise Hell and Ace of Spades – both sung at a great volume by the crowd – but their own material is very strong as well. Get on Your Knees and Dark Days in particular. They were a great choice to begin a rocking night.



As rock legends go there aren’t many as instantly recognisable as Slash. Not just by name or even by his top-hatted silhouette but also by the tone of his guitar. It’s unmistakable and as they kicked off the show with The Call of the Wild the crowd, both young and old, lost their minds.

With the success of the recent Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Not In This Lifetime’ tour – and also the success of Alter Bridge and their last album – it’s great to see that this isn’t just a project that would get consigned to history at the drop of a hat, even with Guns N’ Roses reportedly writing new material. It’s a serious band with a serious catalogue of quality songs.



Ghost and Back from Cali were early contenders for highlights of the night but the set built and built and got better and better, and when you consider there was only one Guns N’ Roses track unleashed all night, the immense Nightrain, you realise how strong and vast the material they can choose from is.

As frontmen go Myles Kennedy is one of the best out there, his voice was incredible all night and he’d more than earned his mid-set rest when Todd Kerns took over for We’re All Gonna Die and Dr Alibi. This double-hitter was then followed by what can only be described as a faultless almost 10 minute solo led jam with Slash showing why he is one of THE best guitarists on the planet. The journey he took us on was jaw dropping, and he made it look so easy.



Realistically, the set could have benefitted from them dropping in a Rocket Queen or a Fall to Pieces maybe but when you have the likes of Starlight to sing along to you’re never going to leave disappointed. It’s one of the greatest songs in recent history and marked the first occasion Myles and Slash got together before creating this band.

We hope it’s not too long until they hit the road again as it’s always a pleasure to enjoy a great rock and roll show and these guys do it better than most.



See the full photoset from tonight’s gig here.

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