Those of you have read my previous reviews, know that I’m an affable, hopefully likable and pretty laid back fellow. Normally. However it must be something to do with all of the political tension in the air this week, but I’m starting my Rihanna review off with the a rant!
Pixie Lott
Nothing to do with the performance – that was stunning – but more to the point, the fact that Rihanna didn’t come on to the stage till nearly 10pm – almost an hour and a half after Pixie Lott had finished her performance. Now, it didn’t really bother me, I had my iPhone to potter about with and there was a LOT of eye candy about, but – and it’s a big BUT – the majority of the crowd were young girls, many of whom would be reliant on lifts off beleaguered parents/public transport to get home. I think even superstar Divas have a responsibility to their fans. It could have been a technical fault or she could have been applying another layer of make-up, who knows, but not a word of explanation or apology was uttered from either Rihanna or her management amongst the multitude of boos from the increasingly frustrated crowd as to why it was sooooo late to kick off.
Bad form! Rant over!
Prior to all this, Pixie Lott warbled her way through her back catalogue donning a pretty red frilly dress and even had chance to throw in a splendid Kings of Leon/Killers medley. Very nice indeed. I really like the tone of Pixie’s voice and the fact that her name is part of one of my all time favourite jokes (When’s a Pixie not a Pixie?) makes her all the more appealing!
Rihanna finally made her way to the stage to the rapturous applause and whoops of delight from the largely female crowd. Now, I’m normally a band man; guitars, drums, the odd strobe light and not a lot else. For me, this was far from the norm. I have to say however, that from the moment she uttered the first lyrics to “Russian Roulette” with her instantly powerful and captivating voice, it was very clear that this was very different to anything I’d seen before. It wasn’t a gig. I’d even go so far as to say it wasn’t a concert. No, it was a theatrical performance, expertly choreographed and performed by the Barbadian et al.
Dressed in an LED clad floor length number, in what turn out to be the first of many costumes, Rihanna embarked on this stage show with a multitude of props, gadgets and personnel. On writing a “standard” review, it’s trying to remember things other than the actual songs to talk about, whereas with this epic it’s knowing where to start. There was a bright pink full sized tank, which she gracefully straddled, trapeze artists doing mid-air gambols-a-plenty, a car at the end of the runway for “Shut up and Drive”, giant Robotic men for “Disturbia” and a platoon of gun wielding dancers. With Rihanna popping up all over the place in a plethora of costumes, it really was a viewing to behold.
Aside this visual spectacle, the music and dancing was also really impressive. Her carefully selected band comprised a drummer with a drum kit to outshone that of Keith Moons for sheer size and an awesome guitarist who was as much as a performer as the star of the show. Rihanna even picked up the Flying V at one point for the sheer hell of it. There was writhing and gyrating a plenty – both on and off the stage – and it was clear that all present were having a blast. The fact that their idol was oh so late seemed a distant memory. All the greats were played – from “Rock Star” through to “Unfaithful” and she even had time to throw in an acoustic version of “Wonderwall”. As a hardened Oasis fan it was a little unnerving to hear 1000’s of teeny boppers belting out the lyrics at an octave higher than it normally is… I’m sure Noel wouldn’t approve!
Having originally turned my nose up at the prospect of seeing a “pop star” (I was waaaayyyy too rock ‘n’ roll for that!) I can hand on heart say it was an excellent performance from a talented young lady and I’m really pleased that I went.
Words by Zak Edwards
Photography by Bianca Barrett

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  1. PollyB Says:

    I love these pics!! She looks a right saucy bit! Really good job Gig Junkies! x

  2. LucieB Says:

    Fantastic photos and review as usual from the Edwards-Barrett clan!

  3. JimiS Says:

    awesome photos! too bad about her ugly mush 😛

  4. Wayne Says:


  5. Jay Says:

    Perfect review… I was there and was one of the people booing at her late arrival but as soon as she opened her mouth all was forgiven – loved it…defo got a girl crush now x

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