Gig Review by Steve Pearson with Photography by Sophie Jones

“I hope you have your dancing shoes on tonight!” declares Pvris lead singer Lynn Gunn to the Birmingham crowd. It’s been 3 years since they released their excellent debut album ‘White Noise’ and their rise has been pretty fast since then. Tonight they are playing another sold out UK gig in support of their latest 2nd album ‘All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell’ released 3 months ago.


Before Pvris take to the stage we have support act ‘COIN’ who hail from the great musical city of Nashville, Tennessee. Back in April they released their 2nd album ‘How Will You Know If You Never Try’. Lead singer Chase Lawrence informs us that this is their first visit to the UK and they do look a little nervous. However, they are given a warm welcome by the Birmingham crowd which they really appreciate and you can see their confidence grow during their 40 minute set.

They are an indie pop band with some catchy songs such as ‘I Don’t Wanna Dance’ and ‘Don’t Cry 2020’ which get the crowd clapping along and then ‘Talk Too Much’ near the end of their set gets a great response. They remind me a little of ‘The 1975’ and although they have some good tunes, they seem a little out of place on the bill tonight as Pvris have tended to lean more towards rock bands as support acts previously. That being said, they put on a good show tonight and also interact very well with the crowd.



There’s a real buzz around the venue tonight and Pvris finally arrive on stage just after 9:30pm and launch into ‘Heaven’ which was the lead single and opening track from their latest album. It’s a great opener which sets the tone for the rest of the album and also the show tonight. I’ve seen Pvris a few times live and can really see how much they have grown in confidence, particularly lead singer Lynn. Originally, she was much more shy almost hiding behind her guitar but tonight she jumps around the stage encouraging the crowd who respond in kind, particularly during the 2nd track ‘St. Patrick’. It’s a real live favourite and also the main single from their debut album.

‘You and I’, a track which was included on the Deluxe Version of their Debut Album goes down a storm tonight and is a real highlight of their set. Another stand out track is ‘Same Soul’ which Lynn informs us is the first song she wrote for the latest album. It is a slower song featuring Lynn behind the keys and with the visual backdrop of the black and white screens, it works perfectly. On ‘What’s Wrong’ they play it slightly heavier than the album showing us they can still rock out whenever they want to and then slow it right down again for the superb ‘Winter’. The balance of their set tonight is perfect!



Lynn has been on voice rest all day and so you can hear her voice cracking a little on some tracks but she powers through encouraging the crowd to singalong and enjoy themselves. You can see that the band enjoy playing live and I honestly think they are destined for Arena sized venues in the future.



They finish their set with ‘My House’ which has the whole venue jumping before leaving the stage. Within seconds the crowd are chanting in unison for ‘One more song’ and they gladly oblige as they return for a rocking version of ‘No Mercy’ leaving everyone happy as we descend outside into sub-zero temperatures!



I’ve been fortunate to interview the band a couple of times and another thing that stands out about them is how humble and gracious they are. They have no ego and you can see a real connection between them and their fans. If you’ve never seen Pvris live before, make sure to catch them in 2018 as I’m pretty certain we will be seeing them very high up the bill at the festivals. The sky is really the limit for these guys!

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Pvris Setlist:
St. Patrick
You and I
Same Soul
White Noise
What’s Wrong
Anyone Else
My House
No Mercy

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