Festival review and photography by Rob Hadley

This weekend’s Prog Rock Festival at Camp HRH in Pwllheli, North Wales is an ever growing Prog Rock Festival at  Haven Hafan y Mor Holiday Park on the edge of the Snowdonia National Park.  The festival is on a mission to “the biggest and friendliest Prog Community in Europe”  – with the numbers attending the festival are growing year-on-year from around 800-900 last year to several thousand this year….

Wishbone Ash-14

Plenty of accommodation is available as are places to eat, so there is no need for punters to go  off site at all. The event is well run with good staff and crew making sure everyone enjoys the experience of this genre specific festival… sprinkled with other musicians from other areas of music to add to the mix – which all helped to make a fabulous weekend of live music. HRH Prog’s CEO  and founder, Jonni Davis, says that the festival is “..a real treat for all prog enthusiasts, adding the rest of the quality acts in on top is going to achieve what we set out to do in the first place, which was to create the biggest and friendliest prog community in Europe.”


Hawkwind ; John Lee’s Barclay James Harvest; Curved Air; The Pretty Things ; David Cross Band; Davy O’List; Panic Room; Pearl Handled Revolver; Dream Circuit; Credo; Maschine; Red Spektor

As with the Saturday line up Friday was a mix of the well established alongside younger prog rock bands. Of the younger bands Red Spektor (stoner rock band with a psychedelic twist) and Maschine (a rock band with seven albums already) were very much appreciated by a good sized crowd, of 300-400, in the smaller of the two areas used.

The Pretty Things were one of the bands that played the main area  and it was always full,  or nearly so throughout the day, then completely full in the evening. This band once again showed why they are always popular with a very strong set of their own songs and some rock and roll classics. Pearl Handled Revolver and later Curved Air were big crowd pullers as were Panic Room.

John Lees’ Barclay James Harvest have lost non of the fine musicianship and wonderful melodies they were known for . A excellent set that no one wanted to end; they’re a classy band with the songs to match.
Barclay James Harvest setlist: In My Life; Mockingbird; North; Crazy City; Summer Soldier; Medicine Man; On Leave; She Said; The Poet; After The Day.


The Pretty Things
The Pretty Things-7

The Pretty Things-6

Red Spektor
Red Spektor-7Red Spektor-5

Pearl Handed Revolver
Pearl Handled Revolver-10Pearl Handled Revolver-8

Pearl Handled Revolver-5

The Panic Room
Panic Room-7



Curved Air
Curved Air-5

John Lees’ Barclay James Harvest
Barclay James Harvest-8

Barclay James Harvest-3

Barclay James Harvest-1

For more photographs from the day click here.


Wishbone Ash; IQ; Atomic Rooster; The Enid; The Strawbs; Gandalf’s Fis; Karnataka; Heights; Verbal Delirium; Luna Kiss; Haze;  The Gift; Konchordat

Atomic Rooster had reformed to play the festival and were one of the best bands on over two days. High energy prog rock was what Rooster were known for…well that and hammond organ driven rock and they still deliver. Real quality from start to finish. Verbal Delerium are an art-rock/prog-rock band from Greece were a good watch. Great tunes, style and real stage presence. Karnataka were excellent. Hayley Griffiths has a wonderful vocal range …this woman can rock! The band were very tight and obviously loved playing to such a appreciative crowd. IQ were as much theatre as anything else with stunning audio visuals and a band that complimented the lead singer perfectly. A set like no other over the weekend.

Wishbone Ash the highlight for many of a very good weekend. Fabulous musicians that gave it everything on stage and reminded people that maybe had not seen them for years just how good they were – and still are. The first few notes of ‘Blowin Free’ gets the best audience reaction of the whole weekend… deservedly so. The only band to do a encore ‘Phoenix’ which finished the best set of the weekend by a margin.

HRH Prog Rock 6 is November 16th – 19th tickets will again sell out quickly. Highly recommended.

Atomic Rooster
Atomic Rooster-1

Atomic Rooster-6




Luna Kiss
Luna Kiss-2

The Strawbs
The Strawbs-1

Verbal Delerium
Verbal Delerium-8

Wishbone Ash
Wishbone Ash-6

Wishbone Ash-2

Wishbone Ash-3

Wishbone Ash-14

For more photographs from the day click here.

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  1. Ed King / Birmingham Review Says:

    Great review Rob – you keep your writing up and I’ll be out of a job. Love the pic of Pearl Handled Revolver – with the broken spot lights coming down on stage:


    Cracking stuff, EdK

  2. Brian Thompson Says:

    What a show of great rock artists, blew my mind, but not like WISHBONE ASH, they were the true rockers of rock of the weekend. What are the chances of them being included in Prog 6 . . . . . . . .

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