Review by Hayley Clark with Photography by Rob Hadley

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs stormed into The Hare & Hounds. The five piece Geordie rockers packed the room to the rafters and not a big bad wolf was in sight. With the heat of the room rising, front man Matt Baty shouted to the back regarding sound distortion “Have you got any tape as this keeps slipping and causing impromptu solos?” This all unknown to their adoring fans who were having such a good time they hadn’t even noticed.


“Thank you so much for being here” the wild frontman joked “It’s such a pleasure to play for you, especially in Birmingham the home of our inspiration and forefathers UB40.” The crowd erupted in laughter on the same night Ali, Astro and Mickey played a short distance across the city at The Arena.

The humour didn’t stop there as Matt told the crowd he was writing key words on a pitta bread as he forgets their new song lyrics. The lead singer appears to be in a jovial mood, combined with heavy drums and guitar solos under the yellow lighting cloud, the crowd are lapping up the music tonight. Matt is lit up in red belting out the lyrics as the packed crowd bang their heads up and down in time with the beat causing commotion.



As the mosh pit starts to rumble Pigsx7 have come alive! With his shirt unbuttoned and leaning into the devoted audience, it’s not long before Matt removes his shirt with the heat coming from the stage.

Throwing the pitta bread into the crowd he apologises for hitting the audience in the face with it “it was meant to be a nice gesture he joked, like when you go to a panto and they throw buttons in your eyes as a kid”.



Joking aside, the crowd were captivated by tracks like ‘Thumbsucker’ and ‘Gloamer’, promising that they do a cover in their set they declared they’d decided to go against tradition after all “Red Red Wines’ lyrics are really boring so we decided against it, sorry.”

The heavy guitar rifts wow the audience and you feel the vibrations flow through the crowd, the dimly lit stage enhancing the deep atmosphere through the legendary Hare & Hounds.



As the venue fell into darkness for the encore, it gave the baying audience one last chance to let down their hair and rock out to their heroes. The front of the audience erupted in a mosh pit, while Pigsx7 bounded around the stage and teasing the audience with their lyrics, looking like they were enjoying the gig as much as the fans.

As spotlights dance from the back of the stage, they built up the finale leaving the crowd lapping up the encore with fists pounding the air to the beat of the drum. Sweaty bodies threw themselves around the dance floor, the rockers amazed them as they completed all that they promised and more and left to go all the way home.



See the full photoset from tonight’s gig here.


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