Review + Photos by Frank Ralph

Absolutely everything about Marina shows class – from the clarity of the sound, the elegance of her movements and how she interacts with her dancers to the respectably early finishing time of the show.


Having sparked a glittering career as Marina and the Diamonds she has begun a new phase reverting to just Marina for her latest album Love + Fear. A simple change that has seemingly given her more focus and confidence about her identity.

This show was the last of a 6-night UK tour and like the album was divided into two sets Love + Fear. The show is a stunningly simple production that goes heavy on the screen projections during the performance and relies on Marina and her dancers to hold the attention. Which, they do.



The elegance of their interactions is considered and measured and is beautiful to watch. A modular stage transforms throughout the night to create different podiums for the performance.

The only issue I had was the slightly (intentionally) wonky screen behind the stage, which played havoc with my OCD.



Handmade Heaven opens the night as it does the album before Marina performs Only Human behind a keyboard with an almost operatic Superstar – the highlight of the first set though, for me, was a sparse and impactful Happy that felt vulnerable and emotional. The crowd sounded fantastic singing along to this.

Waves crashed on the screen with an ominous drone whilst she left the stage to change returning in a red outfit that made her look like a superhero.



This second set was titled Fear and felt very fragile in parts with the cello in Life is Strange adding an extra air of elegance and being a highlight for it. Both sets lasted around 45 minutes each and the encore saw the first live performance of Baby with its Latin, almost Shakira feel to it.

It’s clear to see why Marina’s fans are so die-hard, many having camped outside the Apollo all day in a bid to get a good spot on the barrier, her show is just so much fun to watch, the music brilliant and the feeling you’re watching something more than a gig is wonderful.



See the full photoset from tonight’s gig here.

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