Gig Review by Rhiannen Hollyoake with Photography by Carolyn Brown

The stage was pitch black as LA based trio Lo Moon entered the stage, with just 3 spotlights to cut through the dark and moody set. They immediately burst into their latest single ‘Thorns’, lead vocalist Matt’s voice relaxed but still note perfect. Harmoniously joined by Sam and Crisanta they played effortlessly to the packed out O2 Academy crowd.


Stopping briefly to say hello to ‘the Brummies’ they let their music do the talking as they settled into their most played Spotify hit ‘This Is It’. With a catchy chorus and enchanting beat, the crowd swayed collectively together enjoying the dazzling laser light show that accompanied the track.


Finishing their brief set with their most well known number ‘Loveless’ which was 4 1/2 years in the making it’s clear to see why they were specifically chosen to support on this tour. Their sound is unusual, quirky and like nothing I have heard before. It’s the perfect music to chill out with, but also feels incredibly emotional. They are definitely ones to watch out for in the future and we here at Gig Junkies are super excited to see what the future brings for this up and coming band.


Gracing the stage to a warm welcome of applause London Grammar kicked off their Birmingham show with ‘Who Am I’ from their much awaited new album ‘Truth Is A Beautiful Thing’. Followed by two classics ‘Flickers’ and ‘Help Me Lose My Mind’, taken from their 2013 hit album ‘If You Wait’.


After what a good while without releasing any new material the trio announce how happy they are to be back performing with new songs ‘after what seemed like forever touring with their last album’.


Bursting into ‘Hell to the Liars’ the stage was alight with red and orange warmth as though a fire really was roaring from the stage. Hannah’s voice strong and seamless as she trills through song after song with what seems like ease, although all wasn’t what it seemed.


Half way through the set Hannah confesses to having been ill for the past week and in true British style requests if ‘a cup of Earl Grey Tea’ could be delivered to the stage. She takes the tea and also a seat to perform the next few songs to help ‘calm her nerves’ and with the crowd totally falling in love with her down to earth personality oozes into ‘Rooting For You’ with a note perfect performance that had everyone bewitched.


Finishing up their set with two of my personal favourite songs ‘Strong’ and ‘Oh Woman Oh Man’ it’s fair to say London Grammar are well and truly back. They have stayed true to their original sound with haunting vocals, raw lyrics and musical genius to create a new album that although had a lot to live up to, certainly does and more!


From start to finish the gig was enchanting and emotional. You could feel every word Reid was singing, her angelic but powerful voice filling the room with her captivating tone and heavenly high notes. It was the perfect Monday night gig to get the week started in a serene and and tranquil way, oozing us into Tuesday as the stage lights finally dimmed and the crowd started their leisurely descents home.


See the full photoset from London Grammar and Lo Moon on our Flickr Page.

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