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From the moment Kylie Minogue rises through a hole in the floor of the stage, draped seductively across a sofa shaped as a pair of lips to the sound of thousands of screams, you know instantly that you’re in good hands for the evening. Kylie has got this. As she launches into opening track ‘Les Sex’ the audience is on Cloud 9. It’s Manchester, it’s Friday night and Kylie Minogue is here to lead the party.


Dressed as a sexy circus ringmaster, Kylie stands up and dazzles the crowd with a mega-watt smile, she’s not going let us stop to breathe for the next two hours. She quickly transitions into ‘In My Arms’ and from that point we’re taken through tracks from her new album ‘Kiss Me Once’ interspersed seamlessly with songs from later in her career. The crowd, young and old, male and female is enthralled, loud and already loving it.

Kylie must have performed classics like ‘Hand On Your Heart’, ‘Never Too Late’ and ‘Got To Be Certain’ thousands of times but she makes it look like she still enjoys every note of each song. That is not an easy thing to accomplish, but it is so important. Fans want to hear the greatest hits and they want them to be as good as when they first heard them. With Kylie, you’re in safe hands. All the older hits are performed with a mischievous tongue-in-cheek dance routine, particularly ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ which sees her replicate the iconic music video, singing with from a bathtub, her head surrounded by bubbles.

The Showgirl in Kylie hasn’t been left behind, she’s still here and displayed through numerous incredibly outrageous stage costumes. Dolce & Gabbana, Jean Paul Gaultier, Marchesa and Julien Macdonald all provide custom made outfits for the pop princess, showing that much of Kylie’s show is about art. Visually, there isn’t a moment that she and her dancers are not arresting your eyesight.

One of the most striking moments comes in the form of mid-tempo hit ‘Slow’. As Kylie struts around the stage cast in a blue light, a contemporary dancer seems to melt around her, bending in virtually impossible directions to the music. It’s performance art and it is captivating. Monster hit ‘Kids’ is more simple but equally effective, with Kylie, her backing vocalists and members of the band rocking out together at the front of the stage. A disco is transformed into a rock gig, with the standing audience on the verge of becoming a mosh pit. Throughout it all, her vocals are on point, and a lot stronger than you would anticipate. She’s surges to high notes with ease, making it look like it comes so naturally.

By the time we reach the encore, the entire audience is on it’s feet dancing, smiling and most of all applauding with respect. Kylie Minogue is 46 years old but she puts on a better, more energetic show than pop stars who are barely out of their teens. Her wealth of experience and professionalism and class shine through, but the most endearing thing is that seems to be absolutely loving it herself. Even if you don’t love her music, it’s hard not to admire that. And one thing all gig goers should consider: if you don’t walk out of a Kylie Minogue concert beaming from ear to ear and drenched with sweat from the dance party you just had with the people in the crowd around you, you’re not doing it right.

Kylie’s Kiss Me Once Tour continues around the UK and Europe throughout September, October and November, for more information check out For more updates follow Kylie on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Set List: Les Sex / In My Arms / Timebomb / Sexy Love / Wow / Step Back in Time / Spinning Around / Your Disco Needs You / On a Night Like This / Slow / Never Too Late / Got to Be Certain / Hand on Your Heart / I Should Be So Lucky / Skirt (interlude) / Sexercize / I Need You Tonight (cover) / Can’t Get You Outta My Head / Kids / Beautiful / Kiss Me Once / Get Outta My Way / Love at First Sight
Encore: All the Lovers / Into The Blue

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