December is a great time for going to a gig. Christmas is a coming, everyones in the mood for a party, the beers are flowing and if you’re going to see the right band then you’re in for a belter.

So that poses the question… Were Kasabian the right band, to whip the crowd into a frenzy, to get everyone singing in response to the front mans instruction and generally get things rocking? Abso-blummin-lutely!!! There’s no-one better.

First up – Miles Kane an act we’ve wanted to review at Gig Junkies HQ for a while and one we’ve now done in quick succession.

Miles Kane

50% of The Last Shadow Puppets, Kane, himself a dynamic front man, literally exploded onto the stage with his band in tow. Immediately much rockier than I expected, his guitarmanship, writhing dance moves and vocal style drew instant comparisons (both visually and vocally) with Britpop’s own Bernard Butler and Brett Anderson. Nice.

He ripped through his 30 minute set, blasting out ‘Rearrange my Mind’, ‘Quicksand’ and last, but by very no means least ‘Inhaler’. The sound was immense. It was loud – some might say too loud – and he made great use of a full band – synths and all.

Definitely one to keep an eye on for the future.


Not untypical, Kasabian made a dramatic entrance. They stomped on stage to ecstatic applause of the massed ranks in attendance,  to the backdrop of a hypnotic, repetitive droning synth sound; reminiscent of an air raid siren. Aided and abetted by Mr Pizzorno It had the same effect as the siren many moons ago and further whipped the crowd into a frenzy as the boys from Leicester burst in to ‘Days are Forgotten’. In what was the first of many visual gimmicks of the night, Tom sauntered onto the stage, his ‘alien like’ face superimposed on the big screens for all to see. Splendid.

Sporting a fetching new quiff, the singer, who’s vocal seems much stronger than when we saw them a couple of years ago, moved from the opening single of their new album Velociraptor to old school classic ‘Shoot the Runner’. Boom!


For me this transition between the two songs early in the set was a demonstration of what Kasabian do best. Their musicianship and showmanship is unquestioned. As is there consummate songwriting. But in my opinion, what they do better than any other band around is whip the crowd up into veritible ball of energy. It’s like a cult with Tom and Serg as the leaders.

Album title track, ‘Velociraptor’ quickly came next and then before the already exhausted crowd had time to draw breath the band were belting out stand out track from their last album ‘Underdog’.


“Come on you Brummy fuckers, let’s see you!” instructed Mr Meighan – to which the massed ranks graciously obliged.

After ‘Where did all the Love go?’ it was time to slow things down a little with, what is for me the stand out track of their new album ‘Man of Simple Pleasures’. An awesome new song, during which it became apparent that Kasabian are now a band with two front men. Years ago, Serg would generally stay in the background and allow Tom to take all the adulation for their adoring fans. Not so anymore, as the long haired guitarist shared the limelight with the charismatic singer.

The sound was immense, the light show amazing and whilst they ploughed through their set of classics – new and old – interspersed with the odd interlude taken from elsewhere (such as the Doors ‘When we’re Strange’) it was evident for all to see, that everyone in attendance, band and fans alike were having a whale of a time.

‘Club Foot’ totally rocked, ‘Rewired’ was fantastic and ‘Empire’ – dedicated to Brum’s favourite son “Ozzy I love you” – totally frickin’ owned it.


By the time they played ‘L.S.F’ the crowd were in a hypnotic state trance. Putty in the hands of messers Meighan, Pizzorno and Edwards. The congregation rose and dutifully blasted out the ‘sermon of Kasabian’ and continued to sing the end of Lost Souls Forever as the band left the stage for a well earned breather.

The finale lost none of its oomph and  ‘Vlad the Impaler’ with its bouncing bass line quickly followed ‘Switchblade Smile’. Are they the band with the coolest song and album names or what?


Last up – ‘Fire’, the anthemic classic from last Album “West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum” and evidently one of the fans favourites.

Not quite believing what they’d just witnessed for the past 90 minutes, the crowd left in their droves, sweaty, but extremely happy. Job done lads. Job well and truly done.

Kasabian gig review by Zak Edwards

Kasabian photos by Bianca Barrett

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  1. Dave Cornes Says:

    Best Gig ive been to for ages the whole place rocked “FANTASTIC”!!!!

  2. Snod & Dawn Says:

    Totally agree, both of us said the band were fantastic . No need for flashy dancers n crap pyrotechnics . The bands presence alone were plenty to entertain. Serge a genius!!

  3. Sara Says:

    Nice work Zackary and Biancacaca!XX

  4. Bianca Says:

    Awe, thanks Sara :) x

  5. Gobi Says:


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