Gig Review by Amanda Carron with Photography by Jeremy Carron

Jess Glynne is an English singer/songwriter, who gained recognition after featuring on Clean Bandit’s single “Rather Be”and Route 94’s “My Love” in 2014. Both singles reached number one in 2014 on the UK’s Singles Chart and to top everything off, in 2014 her very own debut single, “Right Here” reached the top ten too! Now in 2015, Jess Glynne is the second British female solo artist to have five number one singles in the UK. These include,“Hold My Hand”, “Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself”and her collaboration on Tinie Tempah’s song, “Not Letting Go”. Following the release of her debut album, “I Cry When I Laugh”, Jess Glynne performed at the Roundhouse, as part of her sold out tour, in what was a memorable night!



To kick things off, an excited artist named BB Diamond took to the stage with her powerful voice as the opening act for the night. She interacted well with the audience throughout her performance and performed her debut single “Instinct”, which the audience enjoyed and danced along too. Check out BB Diamond on Twitter and Facebook.

BB_Diamond_1 Australian artist, Conrad Sewell followed up stating that it was his first gig in London. Conrad lit up the stage with his high vocal range and great instrumental backing from his band. The audience showed welcoming support during his performance, especially when he covered The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face”. He finished his set with the well-known song “Firestone” in which the audience happily sang along to. Follow Conrad Sewell on Twitter and Facebook. Conrad_Sewell_1

With the audience chanting for the main lady of the night, the arena went into darkness and spotlights flashed onto the stage, for Jess Glynne’s entrance. The audience erupted into a loud cheer and applause when Jess starting singing her intro song “Ain’t Got Far To Go”. Jess Glynne said she was very excited to be back home playing to such a welcoming audience. With the audience screaming with excitement, Jess continued with performances of her hit songs, “Real Love” and her first song released, called “Home”, which fitted well as she was playing in her home town.



Jess took a few moments to step back and take in the overwhelming atmosphere and to thank the audience for coming out to support her. The spotlights around the arena highlighted the glittery backdrop of Jess Glynne’s stage, providing a dazzling show surrounding the band and Jess. Continuing with the music, Jess performed one of her favourites called “Gave Me Something”, which was followed by “Bad Blood” and “Why Me.” Jess’ family was in the audience, which added an extra special feel to this gig. She dedicated “My Love” to them and encouraged the audience to do the same to their loved ones.



Jess Glynne did an amazing job of covering a very well-known Amy Winehouse song, “Tears Dry On Their Own”and the audience thoroughly enjoyed this by joining in with her. Jess proceeded to introduce a song which is personally special to her in many ways, one of which was having people around you when you are in need – this song was “Take Me Home”, 2015’s Children In Need single. Jess continued her set with “Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself” which got the audience dancing to the beat.


With the audience waiting in anticipation for the encore, Jess Glynne entered the stage to an excited audience, thanking us once again for coming to her gig and for being so wonderful. The band started playing “Right Here” and ended with fan favourite, “Hold My Hand”with everyone jumping in unison, confetti was blasted into the air, creating such a brilliant, magical end to an amazing gig!

Jess Glynne truly out did herself and no doubt she will continue to live her dream and produce many more top hits to come!

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