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Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar is not a big venue and tonight it’s stretched to the gills (do frogs have gills?) with a rich mix of the young, old and curious music lovers of Brighton. Various members of bands like the MVPs and Gnarwolves float around the packed basement that is literally humming with anticipation. On the tiny stage a drum kit is pushed to the front and without ceremony tonight’s main support amble on…

HOT SNAKES (15 of 18)

“Hello we are the Blood Red Shoes and we aren’t suppose to be here!”

blood red shoes supporting hot snakes (2 of 4)

Starting with a blistering version of ‘The Perfect Mes’ the duo smash out a short snappy six song set of their own brand of cooler than cool indie tinged punk rock. If you haven’t heard them just think DZ Deathrays via Queens of the Stone Age with a brief pit stop at a Be Your Own Pet show. ‘Je Me Perds’ rounds out the set which finds singer Laura-Mary in particularly fine voice and after only 20 minutes they are done and off into the night.

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Despite the excitement for tonight’s surprise support there is only one band people are here to see and it’s Hot Snakes. Formed in 1999 in San Deigo Hot Snakes play hard, fast and loud punk rock that at times has tinges of surf rock with slabs of swirling noise thrown in for good measure. Led by the formidable due of Rick Froberg and John Reis (the later better known as Speedo, the charismatic frontman of Rocket From the Crypt) the four piece hit the stage and audibly smash the Brighton crowd in the face. Reis starts with the crowd and in between sly grins he stares down the crowd like he is going to either going dry hump or stab them. Attempts to grab him are battered away with ease and he even buts heads head with several crowd members (including one of Gig Junkies loyal members).

HOT SNAKES (11 of 18)

HOT SNAKES (13 of 18)

Having released only three albums it was a pleasant surprise to see a set that contained 21 songs. With each new song the temperature was raised and sweat poured down the walls, the band and every grinning punter. Despite only have a few feet between the crowds head and the ceiling it didn’t stop a few brave souls crowd surfing only to be me by Reis who promptly launched back into the crowd.

HOT SNAKES (2 of 18)

This was more than a gig. It was a celebration. It was a meeting of the church of rock n roll. Each of the congregation left purified, sweaty and ready to head into the weekend with a swagger only filthy rock n roll played at maximum volume can give you.

Viva la Hot Snakes.

See the complete photoset from tonight’s gig here.

HOT SNAKES (17 of 18)

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  1. Jake Says:

    Who was the other surprise support band on before Blood Red Shoes? They did a mad 30-minute set that was tight AF but barely spoke other than to worship Hot Snakes.

    Anyone catch their name?

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