Holy Holy at The London Palladium, UK – 20th February 2019

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Review by Jasmine Storm with Photography by Louise Morris

Ziggy Stardust is probably one of the most well-known personas of David Bowie. Famously killed off in 1973 without fellow musicians knowing must have been a big shock. But Woody Woodmansey is still a Spider from Mars and hearing him drum is like re-living 1973! (for those of you who were there). Sadly, I was too young to see Ziggy first time around, but The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust is a standout album and tonight, Holy Holy are going to play that album in full. Songs that we rarely hear and some even Bowie himself didn’t play live. Joyous songs such as Soul Love and Moonage Daydream and dark songs such as Five Years and Rock N Roll Suicide. Woody is a fantastic drummer and looks like he is having a blast. I honestly don’t know where he gets all his energy from. He is also in good company. On bass is legendary producer, Tony Visconti. He originally played bass on The Man Who Sold The World Album, and guess what? Holy Holy are playing that album in full too! It’s two for the price of one! This album is the forerunner to Hunky Dory and you can hear the diversity of songs on it.


Glenn Gregory is the lead singer and is the perfect choice to sing Bowie songs. Most well known as the lead singer of Heaven 17, he is indeed a devoted and true Bowie fan and never misses a note. With fellow Heaven 17 member, Berenice Scott on keyboard, James Stevenson and Paul Cuddeford on guitar, and Jessica Lee Morgan on Sax and back-up vocals, this is a line up like no other. The band were altogether and it’s a band of huge talent and a genuine love for the music of David Bowie. This is no tribute band. There is no sight of a glam rock outfit or glitter make up in sight. This is how it should be. Talented musicians playing the best music in the world.



Width Of A Circle is a great opening track with its heavy bass line and followed by All The Madmen which is a song about mental health. ’I’d rather stay here will all the madmen, than perish with the sad men roaming free’ always makes me think of how devoted Bowie fans are. And yes, some may call us mad. There were several outstanding tracks throughout the night. Glenn was pitch perfect for Star – I would go so far to say he did it better than Bowie. Jessica covered Lady Stardust. She was introduced as Tony Visconti’s daughter but she quickly interjected and said her mum is Mary Hopkin who also played the Palladium back in 1970. What a talented family. Jessica has a stunning voice and sung Lady Stardust with such emotion. Glenn tells us that Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide is one of his favourites. The way he sings it – I believe him. It’s also one of mine and last year I have a lyric from it tattooed on my wrist.



They come back with a massive surprise in the encore. Where Are We Now? is a recent track in comparison to all the others played tonight. From Bowie’s penultimate album, The Next Day, his first album in 10 years, Where Are We Now? was the first song released from it and to hear it sung now was much more than a surprise. The audience adored it. Holy Holy almost never play anything after 1973 so this is a big deal. Glenn sung it so sincerely and with that wistful passion that made us all think where are we now without David Bowie? We are singing his legacy in the London Palladium!



Set list:
Width Of A Circle
All The Madmen
Black Country Rock
After All
Running Gun Blues
Saviour Machine
She Shook Me Cold
The Man Who Sold The World
The Supermen
Five Years
Soul Love
Moonage Daydream
It Isn’t Easy
Lady Stardust
Hang On To Yourself
Ziggy Stardust
Suffragette City
Rock n Roll Suicide

Where Are We Now
Life On Mars
Rebel Rebel

See the full photoset from tonight’s gig here.


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