Hanson + Lewis Watson @ O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, London – 10 June 2017

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Review and photography by Noradila Nordin.

25 years has gone by but we are still MMMBopping away! We turned back time to the 90s, reliving the teenage years  when the trio brothers, Isaac, Taylor and Zac first formed Hanson in 1992 and found fame with the huge hit ‘MMMBop’ 20 years ago. Crowd packed O2 Shepherds Bush Empire on the sold out show on Saturday were fans mostly in their late 20s to 30s fulfilling their childhood dream of seeing Hanson performing live in London, and it was more meaningful as the Middle of Everywhere Tour marked their 25th anniversary.


The supporting act was by Lewis Watson, a singer songwriter from Oxfordshire. With only a guitar and lovely voice, he serenaded the crowd for half an hour before Hanson taking over the stage.




The crowd were very welcoming when they came onto the stage; and Hanson swept them off their feet with their first song, “Already Home”. It was pretty heated right from the beginning as the fans were singing along to the song.  Hanson’s voices hardly can be heard. That was how loud the fans were singing along! It was like that throughout the concert. There were never quiet moments! The place was so loud with the fans singing and cheering that it was hard to make out what the guys were saying when they were communicating with the fans.



Isaac, Taylor and Zac are well known to be very talented in playing several different instruments. They were changing to one and another throughout; especially when they were playing their older songs where Taylor and Zac were interchangeable on the drum and piano. The fans got extremely excited singing to the older songs; especially ‘MMMBop’, as it was such a hit song that rose them to fame. Can’t believe it was out back in 1997 yet it felt like it was just released recently!




The fans were dancing along to the songs, jumping, totally getting into the vibe and enjoying themselves going down the memory lane, feeling as if we were back in the 90s; young and carefree.

During the encore, the brothers, sharing one microphone showed the fans how their first gig ages ago sounded like and sang a cover of Bobby Day ‘Rockin’ Robin’ with no accompanying instruments, purely just their voices. It sounded so beautiful and absolutely magical! The kind of voices that touch the soul! Their harmonies were top notch! With another two last songs, the concert came to an end. They bid their goodbyes and bowed to the crowd before exiting the stage.





Even though the concert has ended, many were still not over it. Many of the fans were waiting for them outside the venue, hoping to get another glimpse of them before heading home. Overall, it was a night to remember. The 9 years old me would never had imagined that I would be attending Hanson, ever! They got older (obviously) but still as good as years ago.

For more photos from tonight’s gig visit our Flickr page.

Already Home
Waiting For This
Where’s The Love
Look at You
Tragic Symphony
Thinking ‘Bout Something’
Runaway Run
This Time Around
Strong Enough to Break
Penny & Me
Watch Over Me
With You in Your Dreams
On and On
I Was Born
A Minute Without You
Get The Girl Back
If Only
Fired Up
In The City

Rockin’ Robin (Bobby Day cover)
Johnny B Goode (Chuck Berry cover)
Lost Without Each Other


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