Haim + Arlissa at KOKO, London, UK – 30th May 2013

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Gig Review by Emily-Camilla Stockham + Gig Photography by Jordan Curtis Hughes


‘We love you London, you’re our second home… actually F**k LA’ the Haim sister’s shout out similar adoring phrases to the crowd as they are nearing the end of their groundbreaking set at London’s Koko [30/05/2013].


Sisters Este, Danielle and Alana have created a ‘nu-folk-meets-nineties-come-RnB’ vibe under the guise of their collective and slightly unusual surname, Haim.

Kicking off their second sold-out night in London with the angsty ‘Better Off’ its clear that the crowd have been waiting with baited breath to see these much-hyped ladies. Pretty impressive to have a huge turn out and audible sing alongs considering the band have yet to release their debut; Debut EP ‘Forever’ which was released in late 2012 has cemented these girls as firm favourites with fans- and with good reason.


Full of LA attitude, rocking matching long locks whilst they bang out tunes that range from angst-laden to light hearted its clear that every girl in the crowd wants to become a part of the band and be an adoptive Haim sister.


Whilst they rock their guitars, bass and keyboard these girls were brought up on a musical diet of pop and RnB, idolising the likes of TLC, Destiny’s Child and Britney Spears, which peeks through in their harmonies and cute and catchy lyrics. There’s also a bit of eighties groove in there- with track, ‘Forever’ for major dance inducing fun. Although, despite the 80’s and 90’s influences there is still a firm stance in the world of classic rock. These ladies have musical talent that is practically prodigious hence their retro groove- they are able to sample the best of every era.


Lead singer and middle sister, Danielle has the sardonic edge of teenage cartoon Daria, with the onstage persona of Alanis Morrisette – long hair, epic voice with intense brooding stares. Este has become known as the crazy one- cue rude outbursts on stage- whilst BabyHaim, Alana, is a mixture of the two.


The show did lull when the girls played lesser known tracks presumably from their forthcoming album however the crowd were entirely enthralled by their glittering displays when performing singles ‘Falling’ and ‘Don’t Save me’.


Slowing down with brooding track, ‘Go Slow’ showed off each of the girl’s distinctive vocal abilities. Although, once again the crowds enthusiasm did wane perhaps suggesting that the dancey pop fuelled tracks are where Haim’s appeal truly lies. They picked things up again by performing their breakout track in the UK, ‘Forever’ to round off the hour long show.


They paced through the songs with style and clearly have a formulaic approach to their performances as well as a natural chemistry, which is undoubtedly due to a bit of sibling instinct. Definitely worthy of their praise from fans and muso’s this year, let’s just hope their LP can deliver enough goodness to outshine the EP.

Support came from London Singer/Songwriter Arlissa. Check her out on Facebook and Twitter.


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