Review by Sophie Jones with Photography by Andy Watson

Lining up outside the Electric Ballroom completely soaked through from the glorious rain London had been receiving all day were a horde of fans eager to see FEVER 333.


Before the show had even started the crowd were super rowdy and ready to let loose, during the show’s build up there were blown up condoms floating about, people booed loudly at a gentlemen in the crowd who popped one, he replied by giving everyone the finger, however it wasn’t long before another two were blow up and the game of condom ping pong resumed.

The curtain dropped to reveal Jason with a bag on his head very briefly before flinging it off. Fever 333 opened up with ‘Prey For Me/3’ and ‘One Of Us’ which set the energy level high!



During ‘One Of Us’ Aric came from behind the drum kit and climbed up the stage rig before jumping down and quickly returning to his kit. Stevis and Jason then knelt down to the floor and gestured for the room to lower themselves down too. Jason then rapped/spoke “Get down, low down, get down, touch the ground, get down, way down! We need these mother fuckers on the ground. Now when I say jump ya’ll stand up, when I say jump ya’ll get up” before the place erupted and everyone lifted off the floor in unison.

Half way through the set Stevis and Jason joined Aric around the drum kit to perform a drum solo / beatbox breakdown. Once finished Jason joked about them being the blue man group.



This is the third time I’ve personally attended a Fever 333 demonstration and this was the first time I heard them play ‘INGLEWOOD/3’ live, a song full of deep lyrics and emotion. It came as a nice calming motion during the the storm the fever were “cooking up”.

Shortly after Jason crowd walked over across to the middle of the room before bursting into song then crowd surfed back to return to the stage.



Fever 333 left the stage to return for an encore starting with ‘Were Coming In’, ended the night with ‘Haunting Season Is Over’ Stevis jumped down off stage and disappeared into the crowd, I was so focused on the stage that I hadn’t noticed Stevis stood just to my right on the VIP balcony section rocking out before climbing over the balcony once the song had finished.

From start to finish the room was a chaos of movement with continuous crowd surfers, mosh pits opening up left, right and centre, at times they were so that big that took up half of the floor space.



If you’ve never attended a Fever 333 demonstration, it is a celebration of the diversity of people, the shows are full of emotion and empowerment and hope for improvement for the future, for the youth of today and those yet to come. It’s all about ‘strength in numbers’.

You can catch a Fever 333 on one of their demonstrations in November at the following places.



1 Nov – Bristol SWX
2 Nov – Birmingham, Institute 2
3 Nov – Manchester, Academy 2
5 Nov – Glasgow, SWG3 Tv studio
6 Nov – Leeds, Stylus
7 Nov – London Forum

See the full photoset from tonight’s gig here.

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