Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari are a band that have had epic proportions of airtime on mainstream radio since their debut album ‘Take to the Skies’. Their new release ‘Flash Flood of Colour’ has primed the lasers again for another onslaught on the metal/electronic scene.

Young Guns

The audience was eager to party as they crammed their bodies together and pushed forward towards the stage as one unit. The lights went off and the fans screamed as a voice over prompted two light beams to scan the room to see if anyone was there, at which point Enter Shikari emerged from a rising blue hue and began without hesitation the track ‘System’. The fans were warming up as Rou (lead vocals) sang and repeatedly offered the mic to the howling crowd to join him on what would be a journey. ‘Meltdown’ followed the intro track and soon got the crowd moving with a combination of bass kicks, synthesized sounds and laser beams, I was almost certain a Transformer had walked into the Civic Hall and joined the party.

Enter Shikari

Sweating, jumping, rolling, climbing and crowd surfing were all things both the audience and the band began to share with each other as the night progressed. Their success over the years obviously hadn’t gone to their heads. The problem I have with most live acts I have seen, is that they appear to be put on stage and glued into place only to be pealed from their position when they’re finished. This was not the case with Enter Shikari. Rou, Rory (Lead guitar) and Chris (Bass guitar) seemed to battle for their territory on stage as they were constantly moving, jumping, head banging, kicking and swinging their instruments without a care, only to pause momentarily to support vocals.

Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari owned the stage. They did what they wanted. Rory often took the guitar off of his shoulder and danced around the stage as Rou appeared to create the electronic sounds and dubstep basslines which delivered a dramatic contrast to the double-bass kick, power cord, screaming parts of the night. After a dance off with the crowd, Rory would claim his guitar back from the roadie and climb onto a stack while playing riffs that the crowd was so eager to hear. While all of this action was happening in front of him, Rob (Drums) was filling the room with rhythm. He didn’t seem to get an opportunity for a break and appeared to be unfazed by this. The heavy and fast drum patterns didn’t seem to slow nor creep out of time as he was bombarded by lasers and band members jumping all over the set. Heading towards an hour into the performance, the pace did not slow down. Still sweating, jumping, rolling and climbing, the pace did not slow for the crowd either. As I watched from the balcony in full view of the stage and audience, I got the sense that the energy in the crowd was intense, as crowd surfers cruised across their heads and mosh pits appeared from no where, clothing, glow sticks and weirdly-shoes would fly through the air as Enter Shikari continued to plow through their set.

Enter Shikari Fans

Enter Shikari

Throughout the night, the band demonstrated their appreciation for the audience by saying thank you when possible, and asking how they were doing-simple things that some acts forget to do or even grasp. This was emphasised at the end of the gig when mic-less Rob came forward to say thank you to everyone who had attended the night. Prior to this, the band delivered the encore in which the fans had chanted for – ‘Ssnakepit’. The final track had the energy levels of a nuclear explosion. This was of course the ‘Hamilton remix’ of ‘Ssnakepit’, a 170bpm bass heavy track which was accompanied by an epic laser show while all of the band members continued to go berserk.

Enter Shikari

I have never seen Enter Shikari perform before, nor have I been a fan of them as I’d felt they were trying to merge sounds and different genres of music that just aren’t compatible. However, after seeing them jump around the stage accompanied by a well-executed live performance and being injected with the energy that they deliver throughout the show, I cannot deny that this is a band I would love to see live again.

Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari

Gig Review by Mitch Bailey
Gig Photos by Bianca Barrett

5 Responses to “Enter Shikari @ The Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, UK – 20th March 2012”

  1. Wayne Says:

    Woohoo! Exciting!

  2. john bentley Says:

    The lighting was tricky, but you have cracked it, Bianca. Those guys just don’t keep still either. Great stuff!

  3. Bianca Says:

    Thank you John and Wayne :)
    Yes, Enter Shikari are definitely a challenge to photograph live, lots of fun though! You did an amazing job yourself John. Good to see you again :)

  4. Rich B Says:

    Just wondering…. Who is Liam? The guitarists name is Rory, and as far as I know, Shikari have never had a member named Liam. Sorry to call you out :-/ x

  5. Bianca Says:

    Thanks Rich, we will update this the review now. I think Rory’s name is Liam, but everyone knows him as Rory… (if you know what I mean). We hope you have enjoyed the photos and review, thanks again :)

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