Review by Rob Farrell, pictures Ken Harrison (pictures Festival No 6)

One of the bands of the alternative 80s, these guys with their haunting melodies and lead singer’s trademark outspoken comments – 1984’s ‘Ocean Rain’ was “the greatest album ever made” he declared at the time, these Liverpudlians made the charts their home. And 30 odd years on they are still out and about, still masses of dry ice and darkened image, tonight in Wolverhampton welcome Echo and the Bunnymen.

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Arriving on stage to mist of dry ice, Ian McCulloch entered atmospherically onto stage to an enthusiastic crowd. With trade mark floppy hair, wearing a long dark coat and trademark black sunglasses McCulloch has never changed his image. I’m happy already.

This cult Liverpool 80’s band have maintained their fans throughout their career by sticking to their guns and never selling out.

Last time I saw McCulloch and co was the JB Arena at V festival – I may have shed a tear or two hearing ‘The Killing Moon’ live for the first time in years. Hopefully this time I can hold back the emotion.

Tonight’s crowd was made up of mainly over 50’s who refuse to grow old. Leather jackets painted with band logos, thinning post punk haircuts and even a Macca look a like. A few bringing along their youngsters, maybe to show them what a real band sounds like.

The Wulfrun had slowly filled up throughout the support bands set. The old school fans obviously having a pre-gig pint or two. Some things never change…

The packed audience were happily singing along to the classics before the first few bars of ‘Seven Seas’ kicked in. A crowd pleaser, a classic. The fans sang their hearts out as they continued to so throughout the evening, McCulloch even stopping vocal to leave the crowd to sing the verse of ‘Bring on the Dancing Horses.’

The Bunnymen are one of the few last men standing bands from the Peel and post-punk era.  With classics like ‘Bring On The Dancing Horses’, ‘Seven Seas’, ‘The Cutter’ and their greatest ever song (in my opinion) ‘The Killing Moon’,  I can see why.

From Festival No 6 2016

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