Review + Photography by Sophie Jones

To start the night off were a hometown band Led By Lanterns. Unfortunately things didn’t get off to a smooth start when Shaun began to have technical difficulties with his microphone, but this didn’t stop them putting on a great show.

The lads did their own rendition of Dua Lipa’s track ‘New Rules’ before mentioning how lucky they’ve been this year from touring with Normandie and Mallory Knox on their final tour, to releasing two new singles before going into a track titled ‘Disconnected’.



Up next we’re Swedish band Normandie, I’ve heard nothing but good things about this band so I was looking forward to seeing them live.


After performing their first track the band encountered sound problems and had to stop their set for five minutes in order to try and fix the issue which was down to a laptop fault. Unfortunately they couldn’t fix the issue and continued their set regardless, but this meant every 30 seconds during each track it would skip 5 seconds of what was being played, meaning there was a struggle to figure out when to come back into songs.

Technical difficulties aside the crowd were amp’d up and during ‘Maniacs’ the audience split into two for a wall of death before heading Into a circle pit.

Philip made comment that “This is fucking comical, this is just getting funnier, I don’t even fucking care anymore  it’s been the worse and the best day but we’ve made it through Birmingham. I fucking hated it and fucking loved it so much”, in reference to the sound issues before exiting the stage.



It was now time for Dream State to take to the stage. CJ appears first from behind the curtain and before I knew it the rest of the band were on stage but I didn’t see them appear due to someone having a rather happy trigger finger on the smoke machine so it was near impossible to see them.

The night was enforced by positivity, advising the audience to fight out of their comfort zones and when you’re supporting someone and they don’t support you back then fuck them! It’s all about self expression what ever outlet you use whether it’s music, wrestling, art etc go out there and be you.


During the night CJ invited the audience to stage invade, which didn’t see people invade the stage itself but “Panda Guy” continuously crowd surfed throughout the evening which resulted in getting CJ’s attentions “Panda Guy, he knows, it’s like his 4th time now!”

It was nearing the end of the night and CJ made a comment to the audience “you should face your mother fucking demons”, before heading into title track ‘Primrose’ which saw the band joined on stage by Lizzy Farrell to dance around and have a good time.

CJ mentioned how she hated the gap thing (barrier) and continued to say let’s start this where it all began before going to ‘White Lies’ which saw her go up onto the barrier to be with the audience.


It was now that time of night where the crowd starts to chant “ONE MORE SONG, ONE MORE SONG” and like clockwork the band came back out on stage to perform their final two tracks ‘New Waves’ and ‘In This Hell’. Again CJ got into the crowd and tried to climb to the over head rail but was too short to reach as she announced and unfortunately the mic lead wasn’t long enough but once she was safely back on the stage a wall to wall mosh pit broke out and you could tell everyone was living in the moment and enjoying themselves.

Once the band had finished and the house lights were switched back on, over the speakers Vengaboys’ Boom Boom Boom was being played which resulted in Mosh pit breaking out! It was definitely a memorable way to end the night.


Made Up Smile
Hand in Hand
Help Myself
Are You Ready to Live?
Open Windows
Spitting Lies
Twenty Letters
White Lies
New Waves
In This Hell


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