Chronixx at Alexandra Palace, London, UK – 11th November 2018

Posted by Bianca on Sunday Nov 11, 2018 Under Reggae

Review by Chadwick Jackson with Photography by Bimal Tailor

Sunday 11th of November 2018. It is 100 years since the end of World War One. It is Remembrance Sunday and one that I will not forget anytime soon. One my way down to London the Virgin train that I was aboard caught fire in First Class, we were ordered off the train and onto another one. I was panicking not for my concerns for the fire, but I did not want to be late for this mesmerising concert that I knew I was in for.


This was my first time seeing Chronixx live, as much as I had admired his music over the years, through a series of events, timing and life just happening I always missed out the opportunity. Not tonight, having scaled that breath taking hill in a figurative sense to get to Alexander Palace or as the locals like to call it Ally Pally, I knew I was in for a treat with the amount of dreadlock bearing folks that I saw on my way up. The atmosphere was very carnival, every facet of your senses are being used, the smell of the flavoursome variety of Jamaican food, the plethora of colours that we have come to expect from Jamaican Fashionistas. All the senses where in overload, I waited outside for my guest, the security was kind enough to let me me use his charger-pack as my battery died, as soon as I took out my cable I had to give it back, my guest pass had arrive. We made our way into the main hall, it was rammed, every corner of the room. It is safe to say if you got that many Black People and Jamaicans in a room before showtime that was an incredible feat on the hands of the promoter.



As we got into the concert me and my guest Savannah proceeded to try and navigate the room to find an adequate spot for this evening proceedings, Savannah with her nibble frame found little gaps to get through that little Lionel Messi would be proud of, half way through my approach was less Barcelona FC and more Sam Allerydace’s route one football. I shouted out “Aunty!!!!!” in a room full of Women of all ethnic description, I just pointed and walked like I knew exactly where I was going. It worked, we got to the centre of the concert after after three minutes of walking. The lights went down and Chronixx made his way in his Rastafarian Red, Gold and Green. The room was then taken over by an energy and mood that can only be described as ethereal, majestic and in unison the crowd would word for word bellow back every track at Chronixx, it was a site to see. Every song from the two hour set was met with a rapturous applause.


Chronixx makes music from such an honest, vulnerable and reliable place, the connection that this artist holds over his audience is of the the kind that would be normally reserved for the legendary icons of yesteryear, Bob Marley, Dennis Brown and Nina Simone. The honest critique of the ills of capitalism, colonialism and the mistreatment of Black people in Africa and beyond, he puts across his deeply charged political ideas, in what I can only describe as melodically charged poetry infused reggae mixed sonic documentary essays.



Tonight is one of those nights that in a years to come, I will be able to tell friends, children, grand children and all my well wishers that I was there for that beautiful charged two hour set from Chronixx & The Zinc Fence band at Alexander Palace, this is a live musical experience that should be savoured for life. And if you get an opportunity to experience this musical extravaganza in real life just be kind to your soul and say yes.

See the complete photoset from tonight’s gig here.


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