Gig Review and Photography by Fran Prince

Charlie Simpson

Heartthrob Charlie Simpson, with his floppy hair and shirt jean combo, enters the stage very humbly on the simple and small stage of The Slade rooms, a full venue, yet tight fit for the audience. With a pianist on side, the set promptly begins and with second track ‘Down, Down, Down’; from popular album ‘Young Pilgrim’ and ‘Sun Down’ he illustrates his indie, folk sound and soft vocals.

Charlie SimpsonCharlie Simpson

His tranquil qualities within the new album ‘Long Road Home’ has a Bon Iver style to it, with mic-effects that create a mix between the soft tones and higher octaves that Charlie can reach. With a humble stance this talented artist focused on his guitar throughout the performance ensuring each note was perfect and modestly got on with entertaining the audience with what he does best, play bloody good music.

His lead song ‘Long Road home’ from the new album was a hit with the audience with everyone gently singing along to the acoustic track. This artist politely acknowledges the audience once or twice throughout the performance, but tended to lack movement on stage, with ‘Cemetery’, I felt a shift in his performance, with gravelly rockier tones he begins to move more with the song.

Charlie SimpsonCharlie Simpson

Dark horse Charlie then takes on Imogen Heap’s ‘Hide and Seek’ again, using voice effects where lyrics are elongated creating an atmospheric buzz in the venue. Charlie tackles upbeat new track ‘Still Young’ which he confesses he’s ‘fluffed’ up a couple of times previously… third time lucky and he nails it!

Charlie SimpsonCharlie Simpson

The set ends swiftly on Parachutes, a favourite of mine and hats off to the elusive Mr Simpson, from Busted to Fightstar, to Solo artist he’s established himself as an alternative, indie folk solo artist and a stunning musician. Having photographed this Gig also, it did however mean being inches away from my childhood dream boy from Busted… note to self: ‘DO NOT clamber on stage and throw your arms around him!’. Thankfully (for him) I resisted.

Emma Blackery

This acoustic set kept a similar style with support act, Emma Blackery, an edgy lass with a sense of humour, feeding off the audience and joking with security. With renditions from Taylor Swift, she has a punchy set which the audience seem to like. I’d like to see here in a festival setting with a better sound, I’m not sure she’d quite there yet discovering her sound, but for a new girl on the scene I can see her developing a great acoustic set up.

Emma Blackery

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  1. emily Says:

    Do you have any photos of Willow Robinson from the gig?

  2. Fran Says:

    Sorry Emily :( Didn’t get there in time to shoot Willow Robinson. Thanks for reading the review! x

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