Gig Review + Photography by Frank Ralph

The opening night of the ABvBA UK run of shows got off to a fine start in Birmingham, although not without some ‘first night’ glitches it has to be said.

Black Veil Brides -34

The co-headline ‘Resurrection’ tour bringing ‘modern metal’ heavyweights Asking Alexandria and Black Veil Brides together was something that a lot of people obviously wanted to see, evidenced by the sheer amount of people queuing to get in to the venue – the line of excited faces reaching back as far from the Birmingham Academy as you could see.

Black Veil Brides -19

Black Veil Brides -18

Openers To The Rats and Wolves from Germany exploded onto the stage and left a massive impression on everybody – it was their first time on these shores and they were enjoying every minute of it.

Black Veil Brides -25

Black Veil Brides -33

Asking Alexandria took to the stage after 10 minutes of eerily ominous low end rumbling emitting from the stage had reached a climax. Danny Worsnop’s voice sounded incredible, but he was obviously suffering from some technical difficulties leaving the stage quite often and running around like a headless chicken to get things sorted.

Asking Alexandria -16

Asking Alexandria -15

From the rumbles and pummelling of their heaviest material through to the straighter and more melodic sound of their newer stuff they served up a melting pot of styles that all seemed to fit together really well – with the audience enjoying a show that was equal parts full-on horns in the air headbanging and almost Bon Jovi-esque sing alongs. Personally it was a little too unfocused for my liking but it’s clear to see why they have such a big audience and are enjoying quite a bit of Radio 1 airplay of recent.

Asking Alexandria -13

Asking Alexandria -8

Black Veil Brides returned to a UK stage for the first time in 4 years and it was like they’d never been away.

 The adoration that this band evokes in their audience is tremendous and Andy Biersack has them all in the palm of his hands and hanging on his every word. Opening with Faithless and Coffin the audience lost their minds.

 With new album Vale sitting at No.1 on the metal charts only a week after its release it’s unsurprising to hear everyone singing along to new track Wake Up at the top of their lungs. It’s catchy as hell and sounds immense.

Black Veil Brides -29

Black Veil Brides -24

Making an embarrassing yet understandable faux pas of shouting out the wrong support band instead of The Rats and Wolves was probably the only foot they put wrong all night.

 Jinxx and Ashley Purdy form a formidable front line along with Jake Pitts and they give it their best Crüe whilst Christian Coma pummelled the bejeezus out of his kit. All of which ensured a barnstormer of a set that justified why this show had been the hottest ticket in town.

 As the show was nearing its end I moved to the back so I could beat the horde of teenagers and when I did leave it was the most bizarre site I’d ever witnessed. A crowd of parents, almost as big as the one inside – waiting to pick up their young ‘uns. All in all a fantastic Tuesday night on the tiles.

Black Veil Brides -28

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