Review by Dan Richards with photography by Wayne Fox.

As if she really needs a reason to be back on stage in the West Midlands, Beverley Knight was in town last night, bringing her ‘I Love Soulsville’ tour to Birmingham’s Symphony Hall.

Beverley Knight

There are a number of support artists for Ms Knight tonight including Josh Daniel, who at only 22 years oldhas had a whirlwind year, racking up over 100 million hits on YouTube and taking the world by storm.

Josh Daniels

The first thing that made you stand up and take notice – alongside some sublime sax music from YolanDa Brown echoing around the acoustically beautiful venue – was the sheer span of age ranges in attendance – in fact, there was such a wide variety of generation’s it’s hard to believe they’re all here for the same reason. Within feet of me, there was a girl of around twelve and a couple who must have been in their mid eighties – all of whom knew every single word, such is the appeal of this Black Country diva.

YolanDa Brown

DJ Munro has been a DJ/producer/remixer for over two decades and has done extensive DJ work in the UK and world-wide, for celebrities such as Beyonce and Lauryn Hill, and is the Ofiicial Tour DJ for Beverley Knight.

DJ Munro

I first saw Beverley playing at Wolverhampton Civic Hall and instantly fell in love with her voice. In equal parts soulful, powerful and conversational, Knight is one of a rare breed of singers who compels you to maintain focus when she performs – and tonight was no exception. Since our first encounter, her career has certainly diversified. Having taken lead roles in the West End in three separate shows, it’s a fair guess that one reason for the variety of ages in the crowd is a result of people who booked their tickets having seen her in shows like ‘The Bodyguard’, ‘Memphis’ and ‘Cats’.

Beverley Knight

Beverley Knight

Entering the stage front and centre, Knight was in command of the audience from the get go, strutting her stuff to a mixture of self-penned tracks and a handful of covers from artists like Chaka Khan and George Michael. With a roster of hits to her name including; ‘Come As You Are’,  ‘Shoulda Woulda Coulda’ and ‘Soul Survivor’, the show is a dead cert from the start.

The evening was a beautifully curated mix of older hits, through some stunningly arranged tributes through to more recent material – all of which was set against a simple but perfectly appointed stage setup. It’s a well established fact that Symphony Hall is an almost acoustically perfect venue and Knight’s soaring vocals filled the room with ease. However it also proved itself as a space that allows magic to happen – whatever the genre.

Beverley Knight

Beverley KnightBeverley Knight

Let’s be frank; what Knight delivered last night was nothing short of a masterclass in performance. It’s so incredibly rare in this day and age that an artist can sound more authentic and far superior to her studio mastered CD – but Knight outshines her recorded vocals with an effortless, passionate rendition of her setlist. Her voice truly is world class and from pitch-perfect riffs, through some smooth soul tracks and some incredibly poignant moments, the Wolverhampton girl firmly cemented herself as one of the UK’s best musical exports.

It was clear that being back on stage in the West Midlands meant more to Bev than just the chance to sing to her home crowd. This was an audience who relate to her in a way that no other can – walking the streets she walks and living in the communities she lives in.

Having had to reschedule the tour because of health problems earlier in the year, you could see the emotion on her face when the audience stood and applauded her mid way through the set. The difference is, that this wasn’t applause for a good performance – it was applause for fighting a battle and not only winning but coming back stronger and more determined.

Beverley Knight

Beverley Knight

Mentioning a time during recovery where she struggled to sing along with performances whilst watching Glastonbury, her vocal prowess made that seem like a long forgotten nightmare. With a style reminiscent of Adele, it’s almost surreal to see her speaking to the audience with her relatively broad Wolverhampton accent shining through and seconds later that twang being overtaken by some of the most powerful, mesmerising vocals that take even many of her long term fans by surprise.

Beverley KnightBeverley Knight

If you get a chance to see Beverley perform, whatever the occasion, I urge you to book tickets. With an accessible, relevant playlist and a personality that can’t help but force you to like her, it’s a show not to be missed.

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Set List:
Middle of Love
Private Number
When I See You Again
I Won’t Be Looking Back
All Things Must Change
One More Try
Young Americans
Shoulda Woulda Coulda
Get Up
Soul Survivor
Keep This Fire Burning

I’m Every Woman
Hold On, I’m Comin’
Come As You Are

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