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Sometimes there are gigs that break from the norm – for me at least. For a long time we have “endured” the support band to get ourselves through to the main event and heck, so we should – support the upcoming acts most definitely, but tonight we are lucky, three great bands to watch. Should be great! We shall see…

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First up is a local band who got themselves onto the complete UK tour for Airbourne and so we have ourselves something of a homecoming show. Now it must be pointed out here that I have been a fan of Cellar Door Moon Crow for a long time now and having recently enjoyed their album I was looking for something a little different tonight. I was not disappointed, from the first rap at the show opening through searing guitars and immense keyboards, eventually ending up with some thunderous drumming CDMC deliver in spades Throughout the set they are incredibly eclectic, using all musical avenues open ti them and the result is fabulous, loud rock n roll.

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Next up is Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown and the rock n roll just keeps coming. Again touring the complete tour with Airbourne and CDMC, Tyler Bryant and his band hail from Nashville. Nuff said, they should be great and they are. Fabulous bluesy, ballsy rock with a frontman reminiscent of Rory Gallagher.

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It’s been a while since I saw Airbourne and they have a new album out called Boneshaker which I suppose is why we find ourselves here. For me Airbourne are a band that epitomise a great rock n roll band. They have the licks and the drive, they have the long hair and they all play Explorer style guitars (see photos for details). I’m a simple man… this is enough for me! Oh and they have that other thing – they are really, really loud!

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As soon as they hit the stage it’s easy to see why their fans love them… they really put on a show, with a fog of smoke descending and a front man that seems to be a little reminiscent of the Duracell Bunny. This is a true rock show and the Sheffield crowd lap it up totally in a way that only Sheffield crowds can. Splitting the set between old favourites and new additions to the set from Boneshaker, the superb hard rock is just awesome.

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