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Gallows + Every Time I Die + Rolo Tomassi @ Birmingham Academy UK – 16/05/2009

Gallows It’s a little quiet as Rolo Tomassi come on stage, and it seems that the majority of the audience that are here so early have come from school, not work. Which is a real shame, as a band like Rolo are really wasted on these kids, with epic soundscapes, insanely technical guitar work, brutal screaming, and pure un-tamed ferocity this band put in more energy than all the kids in the room together…

AC/DC + The Answer @ Birmingham LG Arena UK – 23/04/2009

AC/DC You can tell tonight’s gig is something special by the atmosphere outside the venue and the vast amounts of cash that tickets are being traded for. It has been nine years since AC/DC last played Birmingham on their Stiff Upper Lip tour and there are far more fans than there are tickets for the event…

Interview with Jersey Budd – Birmingham UK – 06/04/2009

Jersey Budd Conducting interviews wasn’t really the key criteria when we launched Gig Junkies. Instead, we set out to review all of the top gigs up and down the country. However, when the opportunity came up to interview young starlet Jersey Budd, we jumped at the chance.

Were we scared (ish)? Nervous? (A little) Awestruck? (Possibly). When Jersey arrived it quickly became apparent that we needn’t have had any fears or trepidations. Jersey Budd is a REALLY decent bloke. Top fella. No pretence, no arrogance, just a salt of the earth ex Plumber who happens to be a pretty tasty singer.

It also became evident that this wasn’t going to be your run of the mill interview. Phew! It was more of a chin wag between old mates about music, footy, marriage and his of course gigging.

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Starsailor + The Parlotones @ Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall UK – 01/04/2009

Starsailor There are many mysteries in life, and one remains why Starsailor are still playing small venues like the Wulfrun. This especially true when bands such as Keane play much larger venues. Oh well, the Wulfrun it is, and oddly for a crowd comprising mainly middle-aged couples the security seems especially tight. All punters are searched and for the first time in my life I was asked to remove my car keys from my pocket which was then closely inspected by said security man.

Peter Doherty + Hey Tourists! + RedRoots @ Birmingham Academy UK – 25/03/2009

Peter Doherty To many, Pete Doherty is just a pasty face on a magazine cover, a waster and symbol of hedonistic excess. But to some, he is a genuine role-model, talented songwriter and leader of the school of indie-cool that spawned so many pointy-shoe wearing copycats. Luckily for Pete, or Peter as his new album would have us believe, the majority of people streaming into the Birmingham academy tonight agreed with the latter, eagerly awaiting their scruffy, shambolic idol.

Gojira + The Eyes Of A Traitor + Pilgrimz @ Birmingham Barfly – 11th March 2009

Gojira Tonight’s night of Metal comes from the “best of a bad bunch of Birmingham venues”, the basement of The Barfly. Conditions seem to differ at The Barfly from gig to gig, so let’s see what’s in store…

Franz Ferdinand @ Birmingham Academy – 8th March 2009

Franz Ferdinand We almost didn’t get to review Franz Ferdinand when we found out the passes that had been sent by the PR company were in the post and the Post Office promised them for first thing Monday when the gig was Sunday night but Andy from the Academy came to the rescue at the 11th hour and made sure there were passes waiting for us on the door…

The Bronx + Fucked Up + Rolo Tomassi @ Birmingham Academy 2 – 6th March 2009

The Bronx The final date of the “Shred Yr Face 2” Tour sees The Bronx being supported by Fucked Up and Rolo Tomassi, upstairs at the “will-it-ever-be-rebranded” O2 Academy. It’s cold outside, so lets hope the bands warm me up…

Rise Against + Anti-Flag + Flobots @ Birmingham Academy – 26th February 2009

Rise Against Rise Against are well known for their strong stance on a number of important issues, from the Iraq war to animal welfare; so it’s no surprise that tonight’s show is loaded with politics and morals. The fact that the Academy is almost at its capacity tonight shows just how influential the music of band like Rise Against and Anti-Flag can be; their message reaching thousands every night of the tour…

Joss Stone @ The Rainbow, Birmingham – 23rd February 2009

Joss Stone 444 Club are known for putting on the best of Birmingham’s bands at The Rainbow, a smallish, nicely scuffed pub/music venue in Digbeth. So when the message started circulating that Joss Stone would be playing there the most common reaction was an entirely understandable ‘What? THE Joss Stone?’

Lamb Of God + Dimmu Borgir + Unearth + Five Finger Death Punch @ Birmingham Academy – 12th February 2009

Lamb Of God Once again, the time has come for the Academy to be subjected to what is arguably the loudest tour of the year; this time led by metal titans, Lamb Of God. First up though are California’s Five Finger Death Punch…

The Gaslight Anthem + Frank Turner + Polar Bear Club @ Birmingham Academy 2 – 3rd February 2009

The Gaslight Anthem Polar Bear Club are on first, a fun hardcore-ish band in the 90’s sense of the word whose songs largely run into one another. In defence, it’s terribly early: 7pm starts are no one’s friend. There is some weakness in the vocals but the guitars are strong and clever and there’s a lot of energy thrown about on what is an otherwise spectacularly crappy day in the Midlands. They play a new track, Take Me To The Town, which intros like an eighties musical montage colliding with 90s rock. In the good way.

All That Remains + The Haunted @ Birmingham Academy 2 – 19th January 2009

All That Remains Although there were tickets still available on the door, the venue seems pretty packed. The Academy 2 is in it’s larger configuration, with the side wall open, allowing punters to spill out on to the balcony of the main venue and peruse the merch stall in comfort…