Yeah Yeah Yeahs
I really didn’t know what to expect from a Yeah Yeah Yeah gig… I have a couple of their albums but I’ve never seen them live before. Without wanting to enrage YYYs fans everywhere I had a preconceived idea that it might be a bit boring. Well happily I was wrong.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The support band kicked off with a tedious and cringe worthy punk performance that had the audience in fits of laughter. Clearly not the reaction their front woman was going for. After the first song she set about tipping water over her head, filling her mouth with her drink and dribbling it off the side of the stage and tossing what was left in her glass over the photographers and those unfortunate enough to be in the first few rows. The price you pay to get a good position for the YYYs in this case. Their songs were good, some very good but the delivery was just old hat and not given with any class or originality. That’s all I’ll say about that!
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The audience was made up of a multitude of Karen O clones. It’s rare to see so many funky and stylish women in one place, a treat in itself.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
When they band came out they were met with enthusiastic cheers. Karen O appeared in an amazing dress that looked like it has been pieced together from four other dresses. With enormous energy she opened with ‘Shake It’ which settled it for me that the YYYs as a studio band and the YYYs as a live band are two very different things. Although the range of Karen O’s voice is highlighted on the albums, in the flesh its stunning how many layers, tones and facets her incredible instrument has.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
After the first song she too filled her mouth with water but she leant right back and spayed it into the air like a human water fountain. Why Karen O is able to pull off the liquid distribution and the former wasn’t is a mystery… but she did and the crowd loved it.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Highlights of the set were ‘Heads Will Roll’, ‘Gold Lion’ and ‘Honeybear’ each a powerful and exciting version of its studio twin. As a front woman Karen O is enigmatic, interesting and very very endearing. I won’t bore you with what they performed (see set list) or if any notes were dropped. To be honest there is very little to say. They had a great stage set up with a huge eyeball watching over the night and their performance was at times punctuated with explosions of glitter and bursts of light.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
I can only say that with live performances like this it’s no surprise that the YYYs have stood the test of time, why Karen O clones pop up year after year and why they will probably be around for years to come.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Set List:
Shake It
Heads Will Roll
Black Tongue
Shame And Fortune
Dull Life
Gold Lion
Cheated Hearts

I Control
Night With A Date

Words by Cherry Barrett
Photography by Bianca Barrett

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