X Ambassadors + Minke @ ULU Live, London, UK – 29 August 2017

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Review and photography by Noradila Nordin.

X Ambassadors, an American rock band, consists of Sam Harris, the lead vocalist, his brother, Casey Harris on the keyboard, Noah Feldshuh as the lead guitarist and Adam Levin on the drum. I came across X Ambassadors through a TV series preview, ‘Chicago PD’ that used a catchy song, and the song just stuck in my head, and I knew I had to Google it up. It was ‘Unsteady’ and since then, I would always listen to X Ambassadors songs! And X Ambassadors to perform in London? Yes please, I need to attend this! And so, there I was, at ULU Live for X Ambassadors.

X Ambassadors_5

The opening act was by Minke, a singer-songwriter from London; equipped with soulful vocals and a guitar, and supported by a full band, to start off the gig, heating up the crowd to be ready for X Ambassadors.



Then, it was time! X AMBASSADORS! X Ambassadors members walked towards the centre of the stage one by one with the flashing lights lighting their entrance, focusing on them, followed by loud and welcoming cheers from the fans.

X Ambassadors_8

X Ambassadors_3

They started with ‘Jungle’, a really well chosen first song to get everyone off their feet, clapping, dancing and jumping around. X Ambassadors sure did showed their fun side, moving with the beats and jumping to every corner of the stage throughout the song. Very energetic! Fans joined in, putting their hands up in the air, and singing along to the songs!

The stage had an extension platform in the middle that left only few inches of space between the stage; and Sam kept walking to the edge of the platform, getting close and personal with the fans who queued hours before the event started to ensure getting the front row; holding their hands and serenading each of them, and asking the fans to also sing along. The crowd who attended were fairly young, between the age of late teens to 30s. That was as expected as the venue itself is located just opposite of University College London, where there were already many returning and post graduate students around that day, before the new semester begins. Perfect location for a quick break, enjoying the night music entertainment!

X Ambassadors_10

X Ambassadors_1

Sam showed his skills as a multi-talented musician as he sang with a guitar on, and switched to the saxophone within minutes for nearly all of their songs. Fans could not take their eyes off him! Of course, the gig became more interesting when a fan shouted “I love you!” that can be heard from any part of the venue, which Sam, calmly replied, his enormous love for the fans for supporting and getting them to where they are now.

Sam performed the acoustic version ‘Hoping’, and it was much more heartfelt; his vocals and skillful fingers plucking the guitar, it was simply mesmerising!

X Ambassadors_2

X Ambassadors_4

The song ‘Gorgeous’ truly showed Sam skills as a singer with those high pitched range, which gave me goosebumps when he hit those notes perfectly! I was not the only one, the crowd went wild, amazed by his skills. Then, it came down to the last two songs, the most favourite and well known songs, ‘Unsteady’ and ‘Renegades’. Sam asked the fans to sing together and they did not disappoint! Word by word, echoed in the venue!

X Ambassadors_14

X Ambassadors_13

For the encore, they ended the gig with ‘Joyful’, a not-yet-released ballad, which the fans had their phones out and turned their lights on; waving to the song. A great song to end the gig with. Sam went into the pit, closer to the fans, to personally thanked and shook with many of the fans hands before exiting the stage.

On my way back home walking to the bus stop, I could still hear fans chatting about the gig, and how impressed they were. I couldn’t agree more! An intimate gig with X Ambassadors! What more to ask!

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