Ever at the cutting-edge of what’s going on down in the pop music scene, Gig Junkies’ stringers laugh in the face of danger when pursuing a hot happening. So, given there was an age restriction on tonight’s gig we nevertheless blagged it in by convincing the door-staff we really were under thirty-five – honest. The box-office lass stifled a snigger, Security looked on pitifully. If not incognito, then perhaps, in the guise of anguished parents – we were ‘in’ with the In Crowd.


We Are The In Crowd’s sound is bouncy New Yorkie saccharine-sweet sweaty High School muzakal Punk. Their ersatz anarchy being lapped-up by the, (possibly) sell-out crowd of predominantly mid/teenage girls who utterly adored them.


The songs never wavered in their instantaneous crowd appeal – having an indistinguishable consistency that stuck in the mind like a knitting needle lobotomy. Founder member, voxtress, Taylor Jardine, with Dulux dog brunette barnet shaking in admirable abandon, elicited sympathy from the kidz because of her poorly throat. But, like a true pro, the show went on – and honestly, you’d never have known unless she’d told us so.


Plenty of hands-high clapping drenched by stage projected strobes and ‘Yawl right Burrminghaamm – Yeahs!’ dominate the evening. With a 20.20 prompt start, and only eight songs on the printed set-list, missing the last bus home wasn’t going to be a credible excuse. However, GJs trust that the ‘Dog ate my homework’ paradigm was invoked in schools the following morning.


Setlist: Rumour Mill, Exits & Entrances, On Your Own, Worst Thing, Kiss Me Again, For The Win LOL, Never Be What You Want, Both Sides.

Gig Review by John Kennedy
Gig Photos by Ian Dunn

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