Trivium + Sikth + SHVPES @ Manchester Academy, 15 February 2017

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Review by Jason Broadhurst.

If you had survived the Valentine’s Day Anthrax gig there is every chance you would have been returning to see Trivium tonight. One thing that Trivium are known for is being able to bring one hell of a support. In the past their tours have seen the likes of Children Of Bodom, In Flames and As I Lay Dying grace line ups. With that in mind fans are queuing up in their numbers even well before the 7pm doors to cast their eyes and ears over tonight’s too.


Photo by Jake Owens

First up are SHVPES, who are fronted by Griff Dickinson the son of the legendary Iron Maiden singer Bruce. What the band lack in albums and material they showcase in their live experience having been on tour with many bands over the years. It is evident to see that they are rapidly on the rise and now they finally have that elusive first album (‘Pain. Joy. Ecstasy. Despair’) under their belt they will no doubt find themselves headling similar venues in the near future.

Unfortunately Sikth aren’t quite up to the same level, although that might not actually be entirely their fault. With a brand new vocalist still adjusting to the band and the absence of guitarist Graham Pinney affecting their distinctive sound. However their are still a few highlights for fans to enjoy with crowd pleasers ‘Philistine Philosophies’ and ‘Pussyfoot’ making there way into the setlist.

The lights go off and the tape plays the intro, ‘The End Of Everything’, the crowd meet it with a rhythmic clapping before Trivium rip into fast and frantic ‘Rain’.


Photo by Jake Owens

It’s hard to believe that Trivium themselves are almost considered as veterans of the metal genre, after over a decade at the top that is probably why frontman Matt Heafy is sporting a SHVPES vest, showing that the band themselves like to support the bands they bring on their own tour.

It is also nice to see a track from ‘Ember To Inferno’  in their setlist as it showcases the progression they have made over the years, the raw sound ‘Pillars Of Serpents’  shows just how far they have come. Finally the pounding drum beats fill the room of ‘Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr’, the song that probably put the band on the map, yes more popular albums may have followed but this is where it all began for the band.

Very much like the start the band open and finish their brief encore with the first two tracks of another album, ‘Capsizing the Sea’ and set closer ‘In Waves’ bringing the evening to a ferocious end.


The End of Everything (Intro)
Forsake Not the Dream
Down From the Sky
Rise Above the Tides
Entrance of the Conflagration
The Deceived
Dying in Your Arms
Dusk Dismantled
Throes of Perdition
Silence in the Snow
Pillars of Serpents
A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation
Until the World Goes Cold
Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr

Capsizing the Sea
In Waves

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