Review + Photos by Sophie Jones

Critically adored rock band Tonight Alive are embarking on a EU/UK tour for their 10 year anniversary. On top of a normal set (Fully Plugged), Manchester, Birmingham, London and Eindhoven will be given a special acoustic show. All songs have been picked by the fans earlier in the year, so it’s a fan controlled set list.


It’s around 9 o’clock and everyone is eagerly awaiting them; The stage was set up in a half moon shape with Guitars, Tambourines, Cajons etc set up around stools for the band that were was also dripping in fairy lights creating a very chilled atmosphere.

The night started with a 20-minute video montage showing footage from the early days to the present, with backing music from Avril Lavigne, The 1975 and more. When the footage finished the band took their places on stage before starting the night off with an acoustic rendition of ‘Safe & Sound’.


After ‘To Die For. Jenna took a moment to speak to the crowd saying “For years I wrote a lot of these songs you requested about this one person and I realised how much I’d loved that person and seven years later after a relationship that kind of had a traumatic ending. But these things happen and they leave their imprint and are a part of making us who we are and it’s pretty amazing to be here right now playing all these songs to you guys who asked to hear them so thank you”, before going on to perform ‘My Favourite Thing’.


The evening gave a very chilled and peaceful atmosphere especially in comparison to their fully plugged show that was amped up with energy and people dancing but these are both very special shows to check out and interesting to hear the differences between the fully plugged and acoustic versions as some songs were played on both nights.


Safe & Sound
 / Complexes / 
To Die For / 
My Favourite Thing / Wasting Away / 
 / You Don’t Owe Me Anything
 / The Other Side
 / Kiss Me (sixpence none the richer cover)
 / For You / 
Let It Land / Rooftop To The Street / 
Breaking & Entering / 
Amelia / The Greatest


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