Review by Lauren Page with Photography by Lynsey Dawson

Over the last year, Scottish beanie wearing success Tom Walker released his Number 1 debut album ‘What a Time to be Alive’, which nabbed British Breakthrough Award at the BRIT Awards as well as selling out an early 2019 and late 2019 tour.


Opening for his homecoming show was Dundee artist, Be Charlotte. Announcing to the crowd that she was a big Tom Walker fan, you could tell the 21-year old was thrilled to be performing in the iconic Scottish venue. It’s safe to say that Charlotte stole the stage with her original songs ‘Lights On’, ‘Machines That Breathe’ and her latest release, ‘Do Not Disturb’. It’s hard to put your finger on who Be Charlotte’s sound reminds you of, but you will be hearing a lot more from Charlotte and her band who ooze a mature sound and brutally honest lyrics which the crowd ate up. Imagine Sigrid meets Lorde meets Chvrches – If you like this, then you’re going to lose it for Be Charlotte.


The audience eagerly awaited the main man of the evening who graced the stage to the sound of intense drumming and strings to sing his track ‘Angels’ and ‘My Way’. Speaking to the crowd, Tom admitted he’d only been in Glasgow one day, but had already sampled the local delicacies of a Pizza Crunch and Chicken Pakora – true Glaswegian treats.

Leading on with his ever popular track, ‘Walk Alone’ which Tom released last year with Rudimental, the venue came alive bouncing around the room and chanting along the words.


Dedicating his next segment to the old fans, Tom belted out the classics ‘Fly Away’ and ‘How Can You Sleep At Night’.

Giving fans an insight into his writing process, Tom took the time to explain the origin of some of his tracks from his debut album including ‘Fade Away’, ‘The Show’ and ‘Cry Out’ which gave the audience a chance to find out about Tom and to appreciate the process that their favourite tracks went through.



As well as talking about his music, Tom proved that his voice and guitar weren’t the only impressive skills he had – towards the end of ‘Dominoes’ Tom took to a drum kit to send the midway section of the gig out with a bang.

After a short trip off stage, the crowd were treated to ‘Blessings’, ‘Play Dead’ and his best loved romantic tune ‘Just You and I’.


But the best treat of all, after playing ‘Not Giving In’, Tom announced he had one final surprise for the people of Glasgow – out walks the always fantastic Red Hot Chilli Pipers to support his track ‘Leave a Light On’. This was an incredible moment for the whole audience and the Red Hot Chilli Pipers added a whole new element to the track – plus, we’re in Scotland – what a fantastic sound!

If you’ve been lucky to get tickets for Tom’s current tour or his next tour in late 2019, you’re in for an absolute treat. The perfect mix of powerhouse vocals, chat and captivating moments. Mr Tom Walker is here to take over your music and I for one, am here for it.


Bravo BeCharlotte, Tom Walker and Red Hot Chilli Pipers – you gave Glasgow a night to remember.


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