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It seems like he’s been around for ages but 23 year old Tom Grennan arrived on the scene a little over 2 years ago with his first single ‘Something In The Water’ back in July 2016. Since then he has released a steady stream of singles and EP’s and has built up large and loyal fan base. Initially an acoustic guitarist he has now become an accomplished frontman delivering an Indie/Alt rock sound, and his current tour is to promote his debut album ‘Lighting Matches’ which was released in July of this year.

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Unusually tonight’s gig at the O2 featured 2 support bands, and first up were Everything is Imagined who are two French brothers who delivered an indie/pop set which went down well with the early arrivals at the gig.

Everything is Imagined landscape 1

Next up was the intriguing Elli Ingram. I have to be honest, I haven’t come across her stuff before but I was very impressed with her brand of soulful dance. Her brand of modern soul and funk was warmly received by the Leeds crowd and I would urge you to check out her debut album ‘Love you Really’ which was release Sept 2017.

elli Ingram Landscape 2

Tom Grennan had tweeted earlier in the day that he was coming down with the flu but was determined to do tonight’s gig, and so it was that a noisy capacity crowd welcomed him onstage with his opening acoustic solo ‘Sweet Hallelujah’. It was clear from the start that he wasn’t feeling too good, however any early voice issues seemed to quickly disappear as he warmed up.

He asked the crowd to help out which of course they duly obliged with almost every song that he delivered with a tight backing band. His new album featured heavily throughout the set and whilst he’s still a relative newcomer, he’s rapidly becoming the consummate entertainer. He quickly built a rapport with the crowd who were more than happy to singalong. ‘Sober’ was a real highlight when he urged the crowd to bounce along to it, and of course they duly obliged.

Grennan Landscape 3

The first hour flew by and of course it was an expectant crowd who were waiting for the biggie, which he duly obliged with. ‘Found what I’ve been looking for’ was delivered at a blistering pace and both he and the crowd enjoyed it so much, he did it again! Such is the impact of this track that it’s been used by both Sky and FIFA 18 video game. (A very nice little earner!)

Encore time came and you wouldn’t know that he was a bit under the weather as he delivered another 5 tunes. At one point he had to go get the backing singers on stage, who thought they had done for the night. The whole evening was brought to a close with ‘Patience’ and the crowd went off into the night exhausted but happy.

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I assume Tom will have gone straight to bed, with a Lemsip!…

Track list:
Sweet hallelujah
Royal highness
Make ‘em like you
Barbed Wire
Lighting Matches
Secret Lover
Lucky Ones
I Might
Found what I’ve been looking for (Twice)
All goes wrong
Little by Little
Something in the water
Run in the Rain

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