Review by Lauren Page with Photography by Lynsey Dawson

Three Days Grace are one of those bands that I’ve binged from an early age. After first discovering them in 2004 watching the film Raise Your Voice (and proceeding to begging my mum to take me to Virgin Megastore to buy their self-titled debut album), they’ve been a band that I’ve had in my playlists for the last 14 years, but never managed to catch live.


Due to the fire at Glasgow’s Art School earlier this year, the gig was relocated to SWG3, which served as a fitting venue for the show and a venue I will definitely keep tabs on in the future. The gig kicked off with California’s Bad Wolves, who have made quite the name for themselves by covering The Cranberries ‘Zombie’. Lead singer Tommy Vext stole the evening with his rendition of the track and by also entering the crowd on the shoulders of one STRONG security guard. I’d honestly say that the highlight of my evening was seeing Bad Wolves perform Zombie. The band have been tipped as ‘ones to watch’ in 2018 and mark my words, they’re on the road to taking off. I expect their next UK venture to be a headline tour.


I’ll be honest, when Three Days Grace hit the stage with The Mountain I was surprised by the lack of atmosphere, especially as lead vocalist Matt Walst made a dig that “London made a mosh pit for this track”. However, it was just the one song – the moment the notes chimed for the second track ‘Home’ the crowd erupted and belted out every word. Pain, Infra-Red, World So Cold and Just Like You followed before simmering the set down with an acoustic segment seeing Neil Sanderson swapping his drums for a keyboard – as well as downing half a cup of straight vodka, Three Days Grace are STILL as rock and roll as you would imagine…


The setlist as a whole was impressive – you had a mix of songs from all albums; One-X, Outsider, the self-titled debut album, Life Starts Now and Human as well as a smashing cover of You Don’t Get Me High Anymore – as well as a snippet of Seven Nation Army which got the Scottish crowd stomping their feet and fist pumping the air. Like I mentioned earlier, this is a band that I’ve wanted to see since I was 8 years old, and during the first track I felt no energy at all, but you get that when you’re psyched for a gig – but my days – the band spun that around so fast that by the end of the show you could just see grins upon grins across the crowd.

It is worth mentioning as well how incredible Matt Walst is on stage – not ONCE did I compare him to Adam Gontier who left the band in 2013, when Matt joined to take over the role of lead vocals. Matt brought a presence to the songs, he brought the energy and the charisma that Three Days Grace fans know, and he made the stage his own. Also, the crowd loved the sibling banter between him and bass guitarist, Brad Walst.


So was it worth it waiting 14 years to see Three Days Grace you ask? ABSOLUTELY. SWG3 is a smashing venue and both Bad Wolves and Three Days Grace made the most of the staging and they got down with the audience to mosh, chant and participate throughout the set.


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