Gig Review by Abbie Watkiss with Photography by Sophie Jones

The Vamps

May the fourth be with all the people attending The Vamps today at the Genting Arena Birmingham. As I take to my seat the Yorkshire lads PM take to the stage with lead singer Dan Reynard jumping and singing and making his presence known; within minutes of being on stage he had the crowd dancing along with him.


Following them was HRVY; he entered the stage preforming his well-known track ‘Personal’ which filled the crowd with excitement, and just when you thought the crowd couldn’t get any louder he went on to perform ‘Hasta Luego’ which was released just over a week ago but already had the fans singing and dancing along.


Quite quickly after came New Hope Club who previously supported The Vamps back in 2017. Tonight the band announced they have a new app coming out, you can find all the information about it on their website, but not only that they also announced that they were filming a music video tonight. Which was about them having to act shocked about an unexpected concert performance with an arena full of fans.

New Hope Club

Last of the supports was Jacob Sartorius who is only 15 years old and is very popular on the app He gave an energetic performance throughout the whole of his set and worked all of the stage.

Jacob Sartorius

It was now time for The Vamps. As the curtain dropped it revealed Tristan ready and waiting on the drums then as Brad, Connor and James rose up from the stage floor they started the show off with ‘Staying Up’.

The Vamps_2

During ‘Personal’ The Vamps brought out Maggie Lindemann unexpectedly to perform with them and also perform her own track ‘Pretty Girl’ which set the crowd hysterical with excitement.

Not only did they bring Maggie out they also introduced Saffron Barker to join them on stage, to bring up the winners from a Twitter competition, where you got to meet the boys on stage and have a selfie with them and your home crowd. Saffron is huge personality on YouTube.

The Vamps_1

The Vamps_4

Brad spoke with the crowd asking who had seen them before and who was new to the show. He also mentioned it was the band’s fourth anniversary and it had been over a year since the band had performed in Birmingham.

The show was full of Pyro, Smoke Canons, Confetti and Glitter Showers, it was a night to remember and the boys, as always put on a brilliant show. This is one boyband everyone needs to go and see.

The Vamps_3


Staying Up
Last Night
Shades On
Can We Dance
Middle Of The Night
Just My Type
Personal With Maggie Lindemann
Pretty Girl With Maggie Lindemann
Wild Heart
Hair To Long
F.R.I.E.N.D.S , New Rules , Havana Covers
Drum Solo
She Was The One (James and Connor Twitter Pick)
Somebody To You
Oh Celica


Wake Up
Same To You
All Night

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