The Stanley Clarke Band @ Brudenell Social Club, Leeds – 25 July 2017

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Review and photography by Mark Loraine.

I have been to the Brudenell Social Club quite a few times now, mostly to indie bands that are either breaking it through or are making a big noise on the “scene”…. So tonight when I drew up towards the club, for it is a club (think workingman’s club not Studio 54 – yes really) I thought there must be somebody else on as well as the fabulous Stanley Clarke, after all, who would queue round the block to see an obscure jazz bass player?

Mark_Loraine_Stanley Clarke_Band_Brudenell-22

Little did I know, not being a true jazz aficionado, that this queue was indeed for the man himself – and his band – and that they were all going to ram into the tiny confines of the concert room at this small club.

Mark_Loraine_Stanley Clarke_Band_Brudenell-12Mark_Loraine_Stanley Clarke_Band_Brudenell-5

Mark_Loraine_Stanley Clarke_Band_Brudenell-26

Mark_Loraine_Stanley Clarke_Band_Brudenell-30

Now I got into Stanley Clarke when I was about 14 or 15, about the same time I got my bass guitar and I heard tell of a guru of the electric bass from America called Stanley Clarke. He sat alongside other bass behemoths such as Jaco Pastorius and Pino Palladino as far as I was concerned and he was a player that every bass player worth his or her salt should at least give a listen. I did, I bought one album second hand and I played it to death…that album was School Days and it is to my intense shame that the title track of this album was the only piece of music that I recognised tonight. Does this mean i didn’t enjoy it ? Hell No ! It is very rare in live that you get to see a master of his instrument play and tonight for me was that night.

Mark_Loraine_Stanley Clarke_Band_Brudenell-7

Mark_Loraine_Stanley Clarke_Band_Brudenell-6

Stanley Clarke seems to make the bass guitar speak by giving it the most gentle of touches and then only very imperceptibly so. His style is fast and technically incredible when it needs to be and rhythmic and toneful during the quieter moments of his pieces. His band, the average age of which is about 20 I believe, is so very tight and so very much in tune with the big mans feelings. And that drummer ! Awesome does not come into it.

Mark_Loraine_Stanley Clarke_Band_Brudenell-25

All in all the night was incredible in many ways, incredible because it really isn’t my genre anymore, incredible because of the musicianship, but above all incredible because the Stanley Clarke band made it so.

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