The Robbie Boyd Band

Walking into the Barfly, it was clear that The Robbie Boyd Band were going to give fans a treat tonight. Celebratory balloons, free band-themed cakes and fairy lights surrounding the small but packed room added to the party atmosphere of this gig, the launch of the Spring Generation EP. Opening with ‘I Won’t Let You Go’, the sold-out crowd was instantly captivated by Robbie’s smooth, warm voice harmonised perfectly by his 6-piece backing band, sparking reminiscence of a fresher, more interesting Mumford and Sons.

His new single followed, titled ‘Spring Generation’- a song that propels the band from being another typical nu-folk act and into something far more special; a summery, Mexican-style beat underlying and pushing this song into a song, it’s impossible not to dance to. The funky bass in ‘Oh Alaska’ had a similar effect, as his dedicated fanbase moved in unison to the band’s diverse sound.

Boyd continues with ‘I Want You To Stay’, a song written just a couple of weeks ago, before heading back into tracks from the new EP. ‘When I Believe’ takes influence from the band’s Kingston roots in its talky verses, but alludes to Boyd’s busking history with a catchy, simple chorus and ability to get the crowd joining in, and ‘Unlock The Key’, their self-confessed “Elton moment” sends shivers down the spine, Boyd’s voice shining through above layers of textured strings, keys and gentle guitars. Ending the main set with ‘Red Queen’, Boyd and his band cannot help but grin, a proud moment for them- this is their first sold-out-in-advance show, and they deserve it with a set so packed full of tuneful, instantly lovable songs.

The encore is met with huge applause, and Boyd arrives alone to play ‘Never Never Land’, a song he says he has not played in a few years. The silence falls in all the right places, the audience not daring to speak or even breathe too loudly, watching the man onstage perform to perfection. The band leave the more-than-satisfied Barfly with ‘I Want Something Different’, a song which is climactic, shambolic but coordinated, a beautiful mess of folk noise which, judging from the grinning faces walking to the tube station, left an impact on the those in attendance. There’s no doubt that Robbie Boyd and his band will be making even more of an impact- perhaps even on the mainstream- in no time.

Gig Review by Chloe Gynne

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